Why the truth movement needs to get active and get involved in the campaign to leave the E.U

Members of this site will be only too aware of the real reason for the formation of the European Union known commonly as the E.U and that was to be part of a World Government structured like the picture below.

It's only real purpose is one of Communist style control over every aspect of our lives whilst simultaneously stealing our wealth and destroying white Christian Europe to boot.

The above statement is not controversial to those who are clued up to what is really going on and honest and brave enough to speak up for our children's future.

I wont labour the point but for those who want to look further into this aspect Here's a previous blog we posted up from Non Aligned Media that honestly encapsulates it all very well.

While information is such an important part of trying to explain to people how we are slaves in all but name, there comes a point when action is necessary.

The upcoming referendum on the E.U is such a time and I urge everybody reading this to get involved and play your part in freeing us from the evil E.U agenda that is unfolding before our very eyes.

We all should know by now that the political system here and Globally is basically a rigged game designed to forever keep us in bondage to the real rulers behind the scenes namely the Zionist Banksters who also control worldwide Freemasonry and other inter linked secret societies.

They have stolen OUR World with their fresh air credit/money plus interest monetary scam which has allowed them to then buy off and control Politics, the media, academia, and so much more besides.

Anyone who is new or doubts the above can just look at the wealth of information posted on this website alone in many formats to find hard undeniable facts to back that up.

You'll note that a mere 7 years later the treaty of Rome was signed on  25 March 1957 that would eventually lead to the EEC that morphed into the E.U we know and hate today.

Knowing what we know it is so important in the run up to the referendum on 23rd June 2016 to play your part in helping the Leave campaign defeat the E.U.

The founders of this website namely Deborah Williams and myself have been out campaigning with the Grassroots Out (GO) and Vote Leave for 10 weeks now in Gravesend to help play our part in helping to defeat the E.U

I have produced a video to help spread the word and along with Debs we have been handing out Vote Leave leaflets to people in our area who are voting by post to help persuade them to vote leave.

The point being that we realise how important it is to get out there and play a positive part in helping to defeat the E.U and their real masters and regain back this Countries sovereignty.

If we get our Brexit, make no mistake the crumbling edifice that is the E.U will disintegrate as other Nations will want their Country back from the clutches of the failed E.U.

This is a time for positive action not negative defeatist attitudes.

I hear too many "truthers" saying they will rig the vote or they'll make us vote again and other such excuses, which then allows them to justify to themselves doing nothing.

We have waited 44 years for this once in a lifetime opportunity to defeat the E.U (NWO) so lets not waste it, we will never get another chance, it literally is now or never.

I will post below details of the various organisations campaigning to get us out of the E.U.

There are many ways to help, leafleting locally, helping out at a stall, persuading family, friends and colleagues why they must vote leave.

You can also share information on all the different social media platforms.

Also Brexit The Movie which has now had 915,800 hits at the time of writing this article is a excellent way of showing people the real truth about the E.U

There are many different groups so it shouldn't be too hard to find an active one in your area.





Obviously it's so important that we ourselves vote leave on 23rd June 2016.

This is a make or break time for us and the agenda, so we must do everything in our power to make sure it's the agenda that is defeated and deflated on the 24th June and not us.

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