The Flat Earth, Geocentrism, Science and God

I first came across the "Flat Earth" phenomena doing the "truther" circuit about 4 months ago and my immediate reaction was to dismiss it as a psy ops being perpetrated on us to make us "public information analyst" look ridiculous.

However after ignoring the issue I then started looking into the matter in some depth, I've come to the conclusion that apart from the immediate issue of the flat Earth it also throws up other important related issues, hence the title of this blog.                                                                                                                                                                    

                                 The UN flag is a Flat Earth map. Coincidence?     

                             While the title is rather bold the premise of this blog is to hopefully impart information some may not be aware of but also to stimulate thinking on these matters as it is indeed a central plank of the NWO agenda stretching back through time.

That agenda is to replace God with science which I will address later on.

I won't sit on the fence and admit straight away that I honestly don't know if the Earth we live on is indeed a globe or is flat.

However after studying this matter I have come to the conclusion that at the very least we live in a geocentric and not a heliocentric universe as we are told.

You see I have never being high enough into the atmosphere to see it for myself and like you have to rely on NASA to provide me with the evidence and lets be honest they cannot be trusted.

In fact when the Flat Earth was still debated up until the 19th century, there where numerous experiments that tried to find the curvature of Earth as mathematically stated but instead only found proof for the opposite.

There was also experiments that proved that the Earth is not moving and is in fact stationery with the Universe traversing around us via the Aether.
I will actually use scientific experiments and data itself from NASA and the ESA to explain my reasoning.

I will also post the video below by a learned man who knows how the scientific community is covering up the truth.

The video below is 25 minutes long and this gentleman explains the science better than I can.

More importantly the experiments he sites have like so much that doesn't fit the "scientific" agenda are ignored and dismissed or written out of physics altogether.

Please take the time to watch the video as it's important to this blog.

The quote in the video by a physics professor at 11.30 is so very telling as he states "After 35 years as a professional physicist, with a thesis in relativity, I only learned of Sagnac's experiment last year"

You see this is how so much of our World works, not by intentional deception on the part of people in various institutions but by the compartmentalisation and intentional omission of information that is honest and accurate.

Hence they become unwitting perpetrators of systems that work against us all.

X Marks the spot

Next we come to a most telling find that the scientific mafia hope the wider public never hear about as it is the antithesis of all they are trying to accomplish in turning humanity into a "cosmic accident" on an insignificant planet hurtling through space at incredible speed in an apparent expanding universe.

This next piece of information in an honest World should have been front page headline news.

It demolishes nearly all that we have been told about the cosmos, astronomy, physics and many other fields that rely on the Copernicus model for it's validity.

NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) between them have sent up 3 satellites to measure  "Cosmic background radiation" since 1990.

The first was named "COBE" (Cosmic Background Explorer) and it was sent into space in 1990, then NASA launched a subsequent satellite mission WMAP in 2001, and finally the Planck mission, named after Max Planck, was launched in May 2009 by the European Space Agency (ESA) with the objective of attaining the highest precision, highest resolution and the cleanest CMB (Cosmic background radiation)  maps.

The reason these agencies kept sending up different probes in such quick succession (in space exploration terms) is because they refused to accept what the data was telling them (purely on scientific ideological grounds you understand) After the Planck mission returned the same data with their latest instruments taking the measurements, maybe they'll let the data and not their "scientism" ideology do the talking.

What they discovered (for the third time) was that when the Cosmic background radiation (CMB) was measured it was not completely homogeneous (evenly spread out) when they measured the cold spots it formed an X through the Universe and it turns out the Earth is where "X marks the spot"

Here's Dr Robert Sungenis explaining this latest finding that has massive implications for the scientific world.

The whole interview is worth watching in my opinion as he also explains the how and why they literally changed the whole of physics to rebut the experiments of Michelson & Morley.

But if you want to skip to the "X marks the spot" part it begins at 15.30

What should be obvious now is that the "science" is far from settled and is in fact being molded to come to predetermined dogmatic views that have to support certain hypothesis or they are discredited or ignored.

Dr Robert Sungenis has produced a documentary called "The Principle" that should be available on DVD by December 2015.

Needless to say Dr Robert Sungenis has been attacked by the media and various other "scientist" and atheist who seem more interested in attacking the messenger than trying to ascertain the truth.  

Science has and will continue to be discredited in the public mind as the truth about so much of their deceit comes to light thanks to the empowerment of the Internet.

The obvious example is the Global warming aka climate change lie that has and continues to do irrevocable harm to their reputation.

The fact that so many (many haven't) go along with this fraud even after being caught red handed via "climate gate" 1 & 2 speaks volumes for their integrity or lack thereof.

In fact today science ironically resembles a religious dogma that they seem to hate so much.

There are boundaries that must not be crossed and imaginary "laws" that cannot be proven except by faith alone.

They have this unprovable "Big Bang" theory which says that everything came from nothing.

In fact according to today's mainstream "science" the current universe is made up thus, "its composition is 4.6% Baryons, 22.7% Dark Matter, 72.8% Dark Energy.

So 95.4% of the universe is unknown to us and cannot be substantiated by anything other than theoretical mathematics that forever changes as and when it suits them and we are just supposed to go along with these theories without any proof.

We also have the theory of evolution which is a massive fraud based on virtually no evidence and yet is taught as fact.

It would be to long a list to compose the historic folly's of science but one thing does seem to remain consistent and the underlying premise regardless of the discipline and that is God does not exist and we mankind will become our own God.

Hence they arrogantly start to tamper with the DNA of life itself and this in turn has given us the wonder of dangerous cancer causing GMO's.

Don't you just love science?

At this point I want to make it clear that I have always believed intuitively in a divine intelligence and my only real concern was the validity of man made religion and it's authenticity.

I have no drum to bang and as ever with this website we endeavor to bring information that we hope informs people as to the true motives and intentions of so much of this anti human system we labour under, that's it.

I also should point out that I am no Luddite and realise this article itself wouldn't be possible without science, however like so much in our world there is a duality with everything and so science can be beneficial or destructive, honest or dishonest.

We are always led to believe they always have our best interest at heart and are revered to almost saintly status, but as the Military industrial complex, vaccines, gmo's and the global warming scam aptly show this kind of false adulation is and will be very dangerous if left unchecked or unchallenged.

But the phenomena of the "Flat Earth" making a comeback is I think a timely and welcome one.

It has helped to turn our attention onto so much of what we are told is true regarding science, the universe and how it really works and if we are being told the truth.

After all it is only the "truth" movement that is willing to stand up against the tide of disinformation and refute so many of the constant lies we are told as best we can with common sense and facts.

The reason so many now question science, NASA, etc is we know that in this age of universal deceit the scientific community has and continues to play it's part albeit wittingly or unwittingly in this game of mass deception.

It's time the spotlight was shone onto them and we took them off that pedestal and subjected them to some serious scrutiny.

It took the brilliance of the mathematician Fibonacci to discover the Fibonacci sequence but once discovered you find nature has elegant, symmetrical encoded design that dare I say seems to have "intelligent design" behind it.

Like so much else in this life we are forced to choose between one or the other (Science or God) and never the twain shall meet.

Science seems to have at it's core a stubborn resistance to God and it's whole raison d'etre is to refute his existence at any cost.

While that is their and your prerogative my main concern is that science now thinks and acts like it's God.

This kind of hubris I fear will not end well as man boast that he has become "The destroyer of World's".

If these new discovery's about Earth being at the centre of the universe brings us all a sense of purpose and much needed spirituality  and makes us realise that maybe just maybe we are not just a random accident in biological as well as cosmological terms is that a bad thing?

Is science responsible for intentionally taking the divinity away from humanity at our own detriment?

The fact that despite experiments that provably show the Earth is not moving the scientist will not go there, now why is that?

This brutal "survival of the fittest" World we have had imposed on us and allegedly backed up by science also needs some serious re examination.

In fact while researching information for this article I've been amazed that how many things we are taught as "scientific fact" that actually hang on the most tenuous of threads, most of them mathematical.

In fact most of today's cosmology is just based on unverifiable mathematics and assumptions that keep getting refuted by the evidence.

We are left to take the word of NASA and other "space"agencies that are provably lying to us and most of what people think is space in terms of Galaxy's, Planets, the Universe etc are in fact just CGI images made via photoshop, NASA even openly admit this is how these images are made.

We do apparently have (or they do) the Hubble telescope that we the public have no access too and again have to take their word for it that these images presented to us are real.

You can also see youtube video's where various "astronauts" are allegedly in space and yet you can clearly see the air bubbles as they are in fact submerged in water (as they train for space this way) and are not doing yet another "repair" on the space station.

So if the images are not real, the space walks are not real then we have every right to ask what is real?

Is the whole space program like the monetary system just one big con?

Is science just another vehicle used for a bigger agenda?

Most people will not be aware that NASA itself was originally started via a covert operation named"Operation paperclip" which brought hundreds of scientist to America from Germany after WW2.

What's interesting here is that one of the leading rocket Scientist on the project was Dr. Wernher von Braun.

His rather modest memorial plaque seems to be hinting that all is not as were told as this man of science references a biblical quote from PSALM 19. 1  that he requested to be added onto his plaque.

     PSALM 19: 1  "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork".

While this article was never intended to be comprehensive, I do however hope that those interested in science and space will be encouraged to look further into the subject.

Once you delve into the subject matter you'll be amazed at what you thought was settled science or indisputable facts have themselves an interesting and often very controversial beginning that was (and in many cases still is) hotly contended at the time.

For those interested in the Flat Earth theory I humbly suggest looking to Eric Dubays website where you can find a wealth of good information he has also kindly  produced  free Ebooks for people to download.

He also has a Youtube channel with some well made video's on the subject.

I would also recommend Malcolm Bowdens Youtube channel

This retired engineer explains a lot of scientific principles especially the Geocentric model of the Universe in layman's terms with well founded research and easy to follow video's that are well made and very informative.  

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