The History behind Miracle II      Special Thanks to Margie Clarke  :-)


The Surfactant Challenge


NOTICE: The FDA has not approved the Miracle II products for any uses relating to any medical conditions, since their effectiveness has not been proven. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.     



The Science behind the challenge:

The quotation below is an excerpt from the March 8,1999 issue of Chemical Engineering News, a weekly publication serving the chemical industry:

"Sandia National Laboratories chemist Maher E. Tadros, in protective gear, sprays a foam that he and Sandia chemist Mark D. Tucker have developed to decontaminate chemical and biological warfare agents. The foam is a combination of a mild nucleophile such as hydrogen peroxide carbonates commonly found in toothpaste, a positively charged non-toxic surfactant often found in hair conditioners, and hydrotropes found in detergents. Hydrotropes found in detergents solubilize and catalyze the neutralization or the agents.

The foam reacts rapidly with the agents, is non-toxic and non-corrosive and could be produced at a cost of 75 cents per pound. Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago conducted testing of the foam against the nerve gases VX and Soman and against mustard gas because Sandia can only use simulants. The half-life of the reaction is in the neighborhood of 2-10 minutes, Soman being neutralized very quickly and mustard gas reacting much more slowly," Tadros explains. The foam has been shown by NMR to cleave the P-S bond in the agents. Using a simulant for the biological warfare agent anthrax, the foam achieved a 7-log kill; meaning only one anthrax spore per 10 million is alive after one hour. IIT will test live anthrax next month. How the spores are killed is not known. Researchers speculate that the surfactants damage the spores' protective protein wall and allow the nucleophiles (oxidizing agents) attack the genetic material inside.

The foam's development is part of the Department of Energy's Chemical & Biological Nonproliferation Program.

The article discloses a product developed by Sandia Labs for the Biological and Chemical Warfare Division of he US Army under the auspices of the DOE. The product is a combination of a peroxide gel found in toothpaste, a foaming agent commonly used in fire fighting, and a FDA approved food grade surfactant commonly found in shampoo conditioners and different food stuffs and hydrotropes found in detergents. Obviously the product neutralizes the most potent nerve toxins and airborne pathogens known to man. The product acts to neutralize these agents and cleanse them from the skin like an antibacterial soap. But it is not soap. We spoke with one of the product developers, Dr. Mark Tucker. His explanation was that the peroxide gel, an oxidizing agent in conjunction with the surfactant and hydrotrope, surrounds the organism or chemical agent, oxidizes it and will not allow it to interact with it's environment, effectively neutralizing the toxic agent.

The surfactant hydrotrope combination is apparently very effective in seeking out only toxins and gram-positive pathogens. This is not an antioxidant action - quite the opposite, if peroxide is present. Likewise, it appears we are looking at the missing ingredients in peroxide and ozone therapy that would keep these strong oxidizers from harming the body after they have oxidized pathogens and oxygenated the body - the surfactant and hydrotrope. Surfactants have been used in fuel cells in lieu of salt to catalyze the electrolytic reaction and could do the same for ozone therapy machines. We know that the body's T-cells dispatch pathogens with peroxide and we know that the body and cells manufacture and use surfactants in places like the lungs to regulate oxygen-carbon-dioxide exchanges and at the surface of the cell wall to reduce surface tension in the water layer surrounding the cell membrane. This is necessary for cellular functioning and communications. Could it be that the surfactant in the lungs has an anti-microbial and anti-toxin function that has eluded science to date? It would appear that biochemists as well as the medical community might have missed these connections in terms of a surfactant-hydrotrope role in human health.

Surfactants, Hydrotropes and Human Health


We are reminded of the discovery of penicillin and how doctors lamented about not having seen the relation between the substance's known anti-microbial properties and human health years earlier. Iodine based anti-microbial soaps have been used in hospitals and clinics for years. Even in use in surgery on patient's insides before closing them up to lessen the chance of infection and neutralize toxins. Why didn't one of these practitioners ever think about creating a soap-like product for internal use capable of neutralizing toxins and pathogens while facilitating elimination?

We now have this product available - Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizer! These products have been on the market for the last 18 years, quietly used by thousands of people with virtually nothing but positive benefits to their health. Benefits that can only be attributed to the products used as directed. What we are witnessing is a totally new paradigm in health care and preventive maintenance. A paradigm that is both inexpensive and effective. We do not believe in “Magic Bullets" or panaceas. We do believe in accessories or adjuncts that aid and restore body functioning to design, thus allowing the body to approach optimal health on its own. Can the road to health and longevity really be as simple as proper hydration coupled with a product capable of sequestering toxins and pathogens in such a manner that they can be washed from the body internally as easily as they can be washed from the skin with soap? Is there something that can do this with no adverse side effects? No associated healing crisis can do this with no other form of intervention. We believe the Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer capable of doing just that.

This in reality is not intervention at all its personal hygiene. Internal hygiene like drinking plenty of water, taking a bath or brushing your teeth! This is a very uncomplicated procedure; You simply replace all of your shampoos, soaps, toothpaste and laundry detergents with Miracle II products and witness the difference it makes in your life. If you are a health conscious individual, compare the cost of the Miracle II simple, basic concept of soap and neutralizer monthly expense to the complex vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, trace minerals and various chelates (some chelating agents are surfactants) you are currently consuming in an attempt to remedy health concerns minus the costs of toiletries and detergents then see where you stand. Basically for slightly more than the replacement cost of your current personal hygiene items and detergents you can have Miracle II plus health.

How much is your health worth to you? Are you really getting your moneys’ worth from what you are spending when most of what you are consuming is eliminated from the body prior to use? We are not advocating that a person stop using neutraceuticals - they do have a positive effect on a persons health. But consider that the very best antioxidants available including pycnogenol, grape seed extract and microhydrin contain surfactant properties and you will see why they work so much better than the rest. They are also the most expensive. Surfactants have the ability to extend products and reduce surface tension to the point that they can be carried into the cell. It also means you don't have to use as much of them when the surfactant is present.

Free Radical Theory May Be Incomplete


We hear a lot about the Free Radical Theory of Disease and Aging these days. Touted as an explanation for everything that ails us. In view of the above, we feel the current Free Radical Theory may be incomplete. The Free Radical Theory concerns itself only with harm done by sub-atomic particles called protons via ionic oxidation to the cell wall and internal portion of a cell. The remedy to this perceived threat is supplying the body with surplus free electrons donated from ionic compounds we must consume to balance out electrical charges strictly from a chemical standpoint, thus freeing the body from this imbalance. The free radical is the bad guy and the antioxidant is the good guy and the whole current marketing scenario is about declaring war on free radicals.

We reel that getting on a bandwagon and declaring war on free radicals may not be the only answer. We accept that it is about achieving a balance. A review of basic human physiology tells us that without free radicals you would not be alive! Almost all of the acid based metabolic functions of the body as well as your immune system work by means of free radicals. If the body could adequately cleanse itself of a radical after it performed its function it would not be necessary to perform the added energy inefficient step of neutralizing radicals with antioxidants prior to eliminating them from the body. The big culprit is dehydration. Most of us are dehydrated. Antioxidants don't cure dehydration, water does! If we had enough pure water available within the body we could eliminate radicals before they became a problem.

A review of the theory in practice demonstrates that most antioxidants are large organic molecules that have only a single electron to donate. Once they have donated that electron they themselves become a free radical that in turn needs an antioxidant to neutralize it. This continues for about five additional antioxidant demand steps before it is finally balanced simply because there are very few broad spectrum antioxidants capable of donating more than one free electron and quenching the free radical in one step. Each additional step equates to another energy demand for waste removal from the body.

Furthermore, there has been an ongoing debate among scientists who know that the atmosphere contains free electrons and negatively charged ions capable of quenching free radicals through the skin as well as through the lungs. They imply that the quenching process proceeds at electronic speeds, near light velocity and never is it at a mechanistic chemical approach standstill. Basically a free radical is always hunting an electron to balance itself out; consequently it steals one from a healthy cell's double electric ion-water layer surrounding the cell. The theft of this ion is automatically adjusted for in a series of steps that take place from the atmosphere inward to the deficient cell at near instantaneous speeds. If this is true, then there is a limited need for consumption of additional large organic antioxidant molecules.

The last and foremost difficulty with the Free Radical Theory is that it is based only on electrical charge satisfaction. Once an electrical charge has been satisfied there is no flow of current, the body depends on a flow of electrical current to live. Where there is a flow of current there is something else going on. The other vector of electromagnetism which is totally neglected by this theory-magnetism and the role it plays in cellular functioning and health. Some years ago Swedish radiologist Bjorn Nordstrom proposed a working theory based on his observations which stated that the components of our circulatory system carried an electrical charge.

The observed charge geometry was opposite charges on the inner walls versus the outer walls of arteries and veins. This is not surprising as blood flow containing iron rich hemoglobin would generate an electrical charge as long as it was flowing. The charges on the walls themselves were moving in opposite directions. A moving charge generates a magnetic field transverse to the direction of movement. When this process slows or breaks down the charge density decreases. The magnetic field collapses and diseases like cancer ensue. Cancerous masses exhibit an electropositive charge radiating outward from the mass. By changing the electro-potential of the mass from positive to negative Nordenstrom in many cases was able to make the mass dissipate and return to normal cell growth.

Hemoglobin is of course the oxygen carrier for the body. Oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange is an electromagnetic process involving a surfactant as well. Oxygen is strongly paramagnetic. When oxygen levels to the tissue drop, chemically reducing conditions predominate. Cancer is a condition that depends on reducing conditions and low electromagnetic current flow to manifest. This information gives strong credence to direct blood electrification technologies. We now know that the body produces the magnetic mineral magnetite and that magnetite is present in small quantities in virtually every cell in the body, playing roles ranging from shielding mechanisms. Sensory mechanisms trigger mechanisms of enzymatic reactions. And these roles are not just tied to ferromagnetic materials like magnetite. Every non-ferromagnetic substance exhibits paramagnetic or diamagnetic qualities measured as minute differences in their magnetic susceptibility (measured behavioral response to a magnetic field).

Biochemistry has paid absolutely no attention to this or the ability of applied magnetic or electrical fields to influence chemistry. The free radical theory" 'will remain incomplete until it adequately addresses these issues. The issue is not just electrical charges found in chemistry. It must include polar magnetic effects--- not just electrical induction, but magnetic induction and the effects it has on a substances magnetic susceptibility.

Last year one of the journals of chemistry published an article stating it was looking more and more like it was the fields surrounding a substance (field resonance) that were doing the work and not the chemical substance itself. The gross physical substance appeared to be contributing only to the side effects! And medicine is still saying that there is nothing to Homeopathy. They haven't studied the magnetic susceptibility relationships! Chemistry is only now getting around to studying the electro theology interactions of compounds in water. It will be a while before they study the magneto theology relationships in terms of the magnetic susceptibility of substances in aqueous mediums like those found in the body. Another area of study that is about to unfold in relation to human health in terms of minerals and elemental transformations is plasma discharge charge cluster dynamics (quantum biology).

Surfactant Chemistry


First, what is a surfactant? A surfactant is a surface-active agent or wetting agent organic or hydryl-carbyl-silane molecule that contains hydrophylic (water loving), and hydrophobic (water hating) respective parts that allows the molecule to act with both properties - in other words the molecule is non-polar on one end and polar on the other. They are coupling agents normally functioning at the interface between bulk materials (for example; oil and water) such that what would not normally mix does so in the form of a suspension or colloid. The hydrophobic non-polar end attaches to dirty pathogens and oils while the hydrophylic end attaches to water.

Surfactants are thus used to create micelles (micro-container for substances like oils) and reduce the surface or interfacial tension between the affected water and it's bulk substance. In this manner the water and a substance are bound to one another and can then be transported more effectively by the water because the water is now wetter and more slippery. This is how detergents remove oils, dirt, grime, odors, and microbes from your clothes. Surfactants are usually manufactured from natural organic substances like fatty alcohols found in plant material. The creator of Miracle II was guided to use a particular coconut derived surfactant (NO, not Cocomide DEA that has been demonstrated to cause cancer in mice or unreformed sodium laurel sulfate that is suspected of being a carcinogen-most surfactants are not beneficial to humans or animals).They must be transformed before they are acceptable for human consumption.


NOTICE: The FDA has not approved the Miracle II products for any uses relating to any medical conditions, since their effectiveness has not been proven. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.     


This particular non-harmful transformed surfactant specifically targets and cleanses gram-positive pathogens and substances toxic to humans out of the body after it has been subjected to the manufacturers process. Which surfactant is it? That's the manufacturer's trade secret. It is non-harmful to begin with and becomes very beneficial after it has been treated. This is why the bio- and chemical warfare people still do not have anything consumable- they were unable to back-engineer the manufacturer’s process. When you try to analyze a surfactant chemically, it is very difficult and one that is diluted in water is nearly impossible. Now consider one that has been transformed by a trade secret electronic process. This should give you some inkling of how and why the product works. More on that later after you have had time to digest this.

A clue as to how the manufacturers multi-phase plasma arc and electronic process transforms the properties of the surfactant is on the bottle: stabilized oxygen and ash of dedecyl sulfate (a surfactant) Those of you who follow the Edgar Cayce health readings will recall that Cayce had a cancer remedy based on something he called "animated ash." Animated ash was a form of bamboo that was reduced to activated charcoal by means of a partial vacuum electrical carbon arc process. The resulting ash was taken internally. Coconut husk derived activated charcoal is the preferred form of charcoal for water and air filtration. Miracle II products all contain an electrically treated coconut based surfactant in addition to the ash of dedecyl sulfate.

Basically the manufacturers multi phase plasma arc process carbonizes and reforms the surfactant into an activated form through elemental transformational charge cluster dynamics. We carbonized some dedecyl sulphate in our lab and lo and behold when we added it into some water it still had surfactant properties and was still able to reduce the surface tension of water! So what is this Carbon Ash? It is a form of dielectric (electrical insulator) carbon capable of affixing copious quantities of oxygen to its structure in a form usable by the body. It is a strong oxygenator that when diluted in water possessing reduced surface tension, allows it reach all parts of the body very quickly. This hydrated-charge clustered form of paramagnetic oxygen is electronegative and as such when attached to hemoglobin is dispersed and diffused to the body faster and in greater quantities due to the action of the reduced surface tension water!

Thus Miracle II products have a distinct advantage over the older Cayce preparation. Some of you may be familiar with Dr. Willard's CAW water. Dr. Willard was a chemist who formulated a castor oil and coal (carbon) based soap that had been electrically treated and is reported to have remarkable health benefits when diluted in water and taken internally. Sound familiar? The difference is that Willard's product does not exhibit reduced surface tension in water. In fact it raises the surface tension of water. This tells us that it will not be as active or effective in the body as Miracle II Neutralizer. When viewing the reconstituted Neutralizer in solid form, it has a curious pale blue color, like the atmosphere. We surmise that this is the life (giving oxygen locked into the mix. It is, in addition, evidence of the Eloptic (subtle) energy the same as Reich's Orgone energy, which is reported to be pale blue in color).

"The Spiritual Thing"


Connection of Reduced Surface Tension and Coherence of Vacuum State "Zero Point Energy"

It is accepted scientific fact that living cells produce coherent light, just like a laser, by means of an electronic relationship between the cell membrane, a sugar based surfactant and water. The cell produces the sugar surfactant that in turn alters the two to three molecule thick double electric ion layer buffer between the cell membrane and the water interface. The surface or interfacial tension of water within this thin layer is maintained by the cell at about 45 dynes/cm as compared to the bulk interstitial water measurement of 72.2 dynes/cm tension when cohering light. By regulating the surface tension of this layer the cell can cohere, decohere and change the frequency of light within this layer. This means that the cell can produce light over a broad bandwidth of the EM spectrum.

Present measurements range from UV through IR down on into the X- band. This spectral manipulation involves changing the thickness of the double electric layer. The resulting coherent light is said to possess a signal quality ten times that of our best lasers. Additionally, it has only been within the last year that engineers have been able to build a laser capable of cohering light of two separate frequencies simultaneously. Wonders of Mother Nature never cease; the cell has been doing it since God willed it into existence! This high signal quality is what has allowed German researchers to separate cellular signal content from the signal to noise domain. Coherent light signal information is how cells control cellular function and communicate with each other at light velocity. The cellular photographic field equivalent of the nervous system, responds much more quickly than die physical nervous system. This system allows cells to utilize tools like fine level spectroscopy and interferometry to obtain information on identifying and spatially referencing anything in its environment.

It is this holographic light field extending beyond the body that we term the Aura. This system is so speedy that the chemical matter part of our body has a time delay before it can process the information for our brains. This delay between cellular sensing and slower nervous system-brain sensing is what is called time-ratio signaling or phase-modulated signals. Basically the brain is the last information processor to receive the parallel processed information. The cellular sensory system could be termed a holographic, parallel processing quantum computer.

The holographic nature of the cellular system is derived from the fact that the coherent light travels around the cell membrane creating self referencing phase conjugated constructive interference and atomic spin alignment which is what amplifies and increases the oscillator signal quality while at the same time sensing all the different possibilities and probabilities for an event occurrence in order to select the right one for it's specific dimensional and time reference frame. Once the amplitude of coherent light has built up or lased it is able to discharge its signal content to other cells. The receiver cells as a whole, or individual cellular systems, can either resonate in harmony and identify with each other or sense receive and cross collate the information for better resolution. This identity is a systems-regulating mechanism, sensitive to many cyclic rhythms.

Friction, surface coherence and surface tension are related to one another. We all know that when we rub two surfaces together it produces heat and resistance. The most recent work on friction shows that this is related to electron drag across a surface that produces phonons (Standing waves of mechanical energy -sound or heat) and that when we put a lubricant between the two surfaces it reduces the fiction by dampening the standing waves (the interfering noise levels). That is what a surfactant in water does. It is a self-orienting lubricant that allows the water and the cell membrane to come closer together without touching while increasing the amount of available surface energy between the two substances. It allows the two dissimilar substances to interact without merging. It regulates the quantities of heat, light and sound and determines the specific wavelengths of light that can exist within the buffered zone. The closer the two substances come together the higher the coherence and frequency generated between the two until a coherence match occurs and lasing begins.

This characteristic is likened to what in radio electronics is called an impedance match between a dipole transmitter antenna and a receiver. The two opposing surfaces and corresponding double electric layers constitute a capacitor-resistor oscillator circuit around the cell and on structures within the interior of the cell. These structures act as resonant cavity oscillators that amplify the signal and probably aid in stepping the signal frequency down. Since the cell membrane and water interface is elastic, this allows for not only coherent light production but high frequency transverse electromagnetic (other than light) and acoustic wave transmission. The double electric layer buffer zone coherence is what quantum physicists refer to as an interface for the Lamb shift and the Casimir Effect. Then the distance between two non-charged surfaces is sufficiently small or in dimensional accord with the energy filled space matrix vacuum potential, coherence will occur and draw energy from the vacuum potential. This is what is called Zero Point Energy extraction from the vacuum.

This phenomenon would explain how humans constantly use more energy than they can extract from the food. Water and air intakes and burns during the metabolic process for healthy human functioning. This energy is very high frequency. Consequently the gross matter of our bodies can only extract a small portion of it - basically the lower harmonics that is in tune with matter. Some researcher's calculations indicate the convened amount is as little as 100 watts of power a day. We presently do not know the body's step down mechanism for making more of this energy available to lower order systems except for transverse EM and sound waves mentioned earlier. This system represents one of the highest, if not the highest types of energy generating and sensory Systems found in the living human organism. As an aside we had made mention of the new research on quantum state computers and the possible link with this cellular mechanism and parallel processing quantum computing. Quantum computing makes use of single atoms axial spin alignment as an on-off type switch.

The atomic computer is theorized to have access to or contains all the possibilities and probabilities for an event occurrence within the universe and all parallel universes and can make the one and only correct decision referenced to it's present phased time frame. Additionally, once two atoms have made a coherent connection, the memory of that connection and shared information is retained throughout the two atoms lifetimes. Even when separated by great distances this connection is maintained, meaning that there is communication between the two at speeds greater than light velocity. So, present Quantum Mechanics has finally gotten around to explaining action at a distance greater than previously allowed by inverse square law mechanics or quantized field theory and at speeds greater than that of light! This realization opens the door for explaining all paranormal phenomena, teleportation, mass translation, and the connectedness of all things in the universe via vacuum state harmonic resonance.

This has been one of God's most cherished secrets that he has now graced science with. The human race must be doing something right for a change. What does this have to do with Miracle II products and human functioning? Think about it. If you have a transformed material capable of interfacing with a human at the right frequencies and cohering energy of the spirit, light and wisdom directly into human beings in usable form then there is no negative force in this universe that a human cannot overcome!

When our nutrition is poor, our water and mineral intake low, and we are exposed to environmental toxins, our energy levels drop to the point that our immune Systems can no longer fight off pathogens. How does this work from an electronics aspect? Once the energy level drops. Not only is the body incapable of producing the necessary quantity of chemicals to sustain peak functioning, the resonance of the chemical toxins and pathogens is higher than that of the cells and begins to drive the cellular oscillators at the foreign chemical's and organisms disharmonious resonance. Since the correct amount of sugar surfactant is no longer being produce& the oscillator circuit either resonates at the wrong frequencies or fails. Consequently, the holographic regulation function collapses. The body now must rely on its back-up systems. Ill health, premature aging, and death ensue.

Now this is pure conjecture, but based on the beneficial effects and energy increases observed in individuals on the Miracle II program, plus how the product amplifies radionics signals, we would have to assume that the product's creator was given a way to manufacture a surfactant that can either supplement or replace the sugar surfactant with a more resistant and elastic surfactant capable of forming a thinner membrane. The Miracle II surface active ingredient must help form the correct thickness double electric layer around a cell to cohere the correct frequencies for energy extraction from the vacuum - this may well be the clue to the most important activity of Miracle II in the body.

The other half of this energy producing mechanisms within the body involving Miracle II that is not currently recognized by western physiology and biochemistry is plasma discharge charge cluster dynamics. The human body is largely composed of water. The body fluids contain quantities of electrolyte and soluble trace minerals. We know that water can be used as a fuel when water is split into hydrogen and oxygen and recombined to yield heat, light and water once again. Water is usually split by electrolysis in a fuel cell. Science is now realizing that plasma charge cluster dynamics and elemental transformations are taking place in minerals in the water and in the cell electrodes. Literally forming highly energetic transformed mineral charge clusters.

We know that chemical electrolysis takes place in the body all the time. Many fuel cells use surfactants in the water to help with the reaction. As an experiment we placed some Miracle II Neutralizer in an open 9V electrolysis cell to see what happened. The electrolytic reaction increased by a power of 10 over a normal cation and pH matched alkaline electrolyte! We don't know if what was out-gassing off the electrodes was only hydrogen and oxygen and we do not know if this electrochemical reaction is going on in the body. We do know that the manufacturer's process involves charge clustering and reformation of the surfactant and minerals in the water. It could very well be that when the body's chemical electrolysis process is combined with the charge clustered reformed surfactant, efficiencies may increase several fold.

This would also explain the detoxification effects. Toxic chemicals would literally be broken down and transformed into benign or usable beneficial byproducts by the action of the charge clusters. We do know that in the agriculture of very healthy desert plants that the plants have been observed to give off water even during the hottest (high solar radiation capable of generating charge clusters within the plant thus increasing chemical electrolysis) and most dry part of the day. Science now knows that most of the energy that drives these charge cluster plasmoids comes from outside the system. Their field and spin dynamics polarize the vacuum and pull energy in from the space matrix.

Consequently they become self-regenerative charge structures that pick up and hold mineral ions in their centers. At a finer level this is the way that subatomic particles and atoms are formed from the space matrix vacuum---zero point energy. Biophysicists now recognize that the classical explanation of the mechanics of cellular sodium-potassium pump energy production is incorrect. This mechanism was never more than a theory, but was always presented as fact. The problem was, no one could figure out how sodium always went into the cell and potassium always came out.

The classical explanation of the materials balance replenishment cycle is not feasible. A mechanism is readily available, if we look to research results stemming from cold fusion experiments. It is through an electrostatic trans-membrane potential difference known as electro-insertion. The only way this could happen is if the sodium were transformed into potassium by charge cluster dynamics within the cell and consequently kicked out of the cell, thus drawing in another sodium ion in the process!

If this were not happening, we would be dead, dead, dead!


* The above Information was obtain from Miracle II's manufacturer.


NOTICE: The FDA has not approved the Miracle II products for any uses relating to any medical conditions, since their effectiveness has not been proven. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.    



Note: For all small applications you can always use excess bath or shower water onto your plants, gardens and lawns -- they will be fertilized and revitalized naturally.

Farm and Agriculture Applications    Miracle II is doing wonders for our lands too-Improved crops with improved nutritional value are being achieved in agriculture at minimum cost and with very positive results for our environment soil erosion, no insecticides, and no pest control needed.


One satisfied customer says Miracle II works like cow manure without the smell or unpleasantness that cow manure can cause when spreading around the property.


New Crops, New Growth, New Soil


Step 1. Mix 1.35 oz (3 tablespoons) concentrated Miracle Soap plus 1 oz Neutralizer liquid in 80 liter of water will suffice for spraying one acre of land.


Step 2. Repeat at 7-8 inch high crop again.


Step 3. At formula feed time, add 2.7 oz of Neutralizer (no soap) per 2.7 oz of water.


Step 4. Repeat Step 1 again for insect and pest control later on request. For smaller areas proportion accordingly.


Orchids - Use 4 drops of Neutralizer in 1 gallon of water once a month - organic growers are amazed.


Salinity Problems - Add 1.35 oz Miracle soap plus 1.35 oz Neutralizer in 20 gallons of water per acre. Check pH level -- if not 7 or higher, do the application again.


Control of Insects Naturally on Land – Add 1.35 oz Miracle Soap plus 1.35 oz Neutralizer Liquid per 20 gallons of water in a container with spray applicator. If the infestation is huge, then use 2 teaspoons soap plus 2 teaspoons Neutralizer per gallon of water.


In both cases, spray the insects -- this drowns them (not harmful to humans or animals). When this is sprayed on insects it turns into fertilizer for the plants.

Commercial and Industrial Applications    Miracle II provides total cleanup for flesh water and salt water. Use equal amounts of Neutralizer and Miracle Soap in a steam cleaner or wash down.


For oil dispersal or oil spill clean up, use 1 to 10oz per gallon of water.




Miracle II  Usage Files

Miracle II Usage Files



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Has anyone here tried this product?  It sounds amazing and I'd be very interested to hear from anyone on the forum who has tried it... 

Discovering Effects of Energy
In 1956, a lady by the name of Ethyl Starbard was a very sick woman. The diagnosis of her physician indicated that she had an intolerance of many pollutants found in the fresh fruits and vegetables she was eating. Since organic produce was not readily available in the 50s, she and her physician conducted a yearlong search for ways to safely remove pollution from fruit and vegetables.

They conducted a chemical analysis of supermarket fruit, namely apples, oranges and bananas. They tested for 20 toxic chemicals. The apples they tested had all 20 of the pollutants, the oranges had 16, and the bananas had only 7. They then began to expose the fruit to various kinds of energy fields. They were looking for an energy field that would destroy the pollution yet retain all the nutrition of the fruit. As they tested many kinds of radiation, they became increasingly discouraged, until one day, purely by accident; they discovered that when the fruit was placed near specific locations on the earth, the pollution was no longer in the fruit. They eventually came to realize that the natural magnetic energy of certain minerals and vegetation on our planet have the proper frequency, power and polarity to neutralize the negative energy of the pollutants in the fruit.

Miracle 2 products are treated with eloptical (electro-optical) energy to give them powerful positive polarities for neutralizing negative polarities wherever they are found. Miracle 2 neutralizing energy has been successful in neutralizing the negative energy of virtually all organisms with negative polarity (i.e., germs, virus, bacteria, etc.) and toxins (pollution, wartime gases, cobra venom, etc.).

Miracle 2 products will also have a positive effect on any living organism having a positive polarity. I know a lady who sprayed her young rubber plant with Miracle 2 Neutralizer and it grew over 14 inches in just three weeks. The plant that was not exposed grew only a few inches in the same amount of time.

Margie Clarke

Miracle II is like Stanley Myers.....suppressed because it is universally LIFE promoting to all living organisms and we live in the Culture of Death. Anything that gives people FREEDOM (you couldn't FIND me in a 'bath and beyond' kind of store because I don't care what the label says, I know what the actual ingredients are simply by my skin's reaction to them and how waxy my skin feels. Like the female in "Goldfinger." That is cellular respiration. Your skin is responsible for removing 70% of heavy metals, chemicals coming from within and without and it is design. One thing I have found throughout my research and nursing career is that we ALWAYS have a solution. Holy Tea removes heavy metals from your colon (gently) and Miracle II removes it from your skin. The single greatest thing you can do for your body is hydrate and the second thing is Miracle II. Holy Tea is like 1 1/2 - lolol

Margie Clarke

This is poison Oak


My friend called me because his friend was suffering with psoriasis the same time every year and was miserable. I sent him soap and neutralizer. A number of years later, I was told the psoriasis went away and never returned in 5 years. It was pretty amazing because the person with the psoriasis was dehydrated, a raging alcoholic with the occasional smoothie, and made no other change. Psoriasis, like most skin conditions, are a result of chronic dehydration and a toxic colon and skin eruptions are viewed in the holistic world as the rapid escape of toxins. All that said, with no other change, his skin cleared and he has had no more break-outs. the biggest problems with our skin arise from rubbing poisons into it and closing off our pore's safety switch (better to have psoriasis than liver failure.) Miracle II is the only soap that can overcome the skin's protective switch mechanism and return pore's functioning to normal.

This is what I found: PSORIASIS - Prepare bath by pouring 1 ounce of Miracle II Soap and 2 ounces of Neutralizer Liquid while the water is running, and soak in this for the first few baths. Apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to effected area and let dry. Itching will stop. Apply Neutralizer on skin several times a day. Use Miracle II Moisturizer Lotion if skin is very dry. Use for 90 days. Great results reported.

Margie Clarke

I used to add 2 oz of neutralizer to a gallon of tap water but now only add 1 oz to structure it. For people who take Chlorella, you know that it does not mix in a glass of water, clumps up actually, unless you add a drop of Neutralizer. Chlorella dissolves easily in structured water. It dissolved easily in a glass of water from my gallon with 2 oz of Neutralizer but also dissolved easily when I only added 1 oz. Neutralizer is effective in 1 part per trillion which is hard to grasp especially for me (more is better) when in actuality less is just as good when doing the Chlorella test. This is how I determine how much Neutralizer to add to my daily gallon of water. A 22 oz Neutralizer bottle will make 22 gallons of structured water while neutralizing any present toxins. You can test this yourself with either a pH strip or a tsp of Chlorella. I use 1 oz because that is the recommendation from people who do the tests. Why I doubled that is anyone's guess but I HAVE been accused of being neurotic. - LOLOL I agreed! Now that we're moving into the energy only takes a spark to start a blaze.

Margie Clarke

People! 7 drops of Neutralizer in a glass of water is all it takes to structure your water. Structured water is NATURALLY free of man-made chemicals simply by a vibrational flow. That one glass of water is so potent, it is adding charge to your red blood cells which previously were stuck together....without LIFE FORCE! This is why plants double their yield as well....Life Force. There is such a huge gap between academia (of course, they are just killed if they reveal too much) and 'the public.' I'm trying to bridge that gap and make it as simple as possible for folks. We have to bridge that gap and move into the culture of Life by our actions and new knowledge otherwise we are just part of the problem. We can do this. Teach people that anything with a warning label belongs in the culture of death.

Margie Clarke

Sonya said:

Has anyone here tried this product?  It sounds amazing and I'd be very interested to hear from anyone on the forum who has tried it... 

Yes Sonia, quite a few of us have tried it with miraculous results. Even my half dead plant has doubled in size and looks so healthy.

"Cleanliness is next to godliness, but many soaps are outright made under devilish practices.

The ingredients in many mass-brand and designer-brand soaps are made with ingredients known to damage skin, penetrate the body and can have potentially dangerous effects with long-term use."

Enter the culture of Life....Miracle II does the opposite with long-term get cleaner and cleaner, toxins are neutralized at all levels and maybe, just maybe, we all get to evolve and are once again made One.

Fragrances in soap can irritate the skin. Some fragrances contain phthalates, and some studies connect phthalates with reproductive problems. This is true in both people and animals. Many artificial colors in soap are actually petroleum-based chemicals. The skin can absorb these potentially harmful chemicals through the pores.
Many different brands of soap add sodium laurel (or laureth) sulfate. This chemical surfactant is used to improve lather. This additive, however, can cause skin irritation. As little as a .05 percent concentration is capable of causing irritation according to a 1983 report of the Journal of The American College of Toxicology (ACT). The concentration can be as high as 30 percent in some soap on the market. This is considered to be a dangerous chemical level according to the same ACT report.

Margie Clarke

The miracle here is.....Miracle II obliterates pesticides...quickly

"Levels of pesticides found in our bodies are dangerously above those reckoned to be safe and could be responsible for many cancers and the epidemic of infertility.

Lately, the British press has sounded warnings about the dangers of excessive pesticide levels in carrots and lettuce. But researcher Tuula Tuormaa, on behalf of Foresight, the Association of Preconceptual Care, has discovered that pesticide dangers lurk in everything

Nowadays, it's estimated that the industry worldwide is producing about 45-50,000 different pesticides based on about 600 active ingredients. In one year alone, 23,504 tonnes of active ingredients were sold by the UK pesticide manufacturers, which translates into 420g of chemicals for every man, woman and child in Britain."

Margie Clarke



I am a hospice nurse and the patients who come to our unit all have a terminal illness. Most of them have less than six months to live, so with the excitement of what the Miracle products had done in my own life, I knew that they were truly a gift from God.

We got the okay from hospice physician to allow us to use the products on some of our patients. We put two terminal patients on the products with absolutely awesome results.

The first patient is in his early 50's. The second patient was laying flat on his back; unable to get out of bed and according to the doctors had only two days to live. Within eight hours, he was out of bed and walking upright.

After about 30 days, both of these gentlemen were well enough that they were both released from the hospice unit and have now gone home."

Truly amazing.  These little stories are popping up on blogs all over the place.

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