There are many human activities that I fail to understand. One such example is sport. To me it’s a lot of effort to accomplish a meaningless task. I’m not competitive. From the moment I started school I had sport rammed down my throat. It was the bane of my schooldays. I come from a practical non-sporty family. Whereas most young children kick a ball around and play games, my preference was always to be creative.

I’m not against anyone that likes sport, neither am I knocking sports-people; I'm simply giving a voice to those of us that detest sport. I also believe sport has been corrupted and over the years has become an integral part of the former KGB's sedition plan. Destroying the family unit, making females masculine and males feminine along with creating and manipulating a tribal mentality is all part of the schedule that's led us to a Police state. Pacifying the masses and diverting their attention away from the real agenda by filling their minds with pap and non-news continues to work like clockwork. I believe the effects of sedition have been eating away at society probably since the 1920's but rapidly accelerated in the early 1960's. When thinking back to my unhappy schooldays, at the time I knew something was rotten with the system, but was unable to fathom it out.

My first day at school was like being thrown to the lions; I was terrified and detested it. In fact my dislike of school carried on until the day I left. In my schooldays sport was compulsory. I can’t kick nor throw a ball and couldn’t give a dam about winning. If someone wants to win, let them, was my philosophy. I would rather be doing something useful. My school was a bullies training ground. The headmaster seemed more interested in the amount of sports trophies decorating his office than education! A pupil that had no interest or inclination towards sport was a freak, a non-person; a total outcast whose only purpose was to be humiliated. Not only did the sports masters take great delight in belittling me, but they encouraged the bullies as well and turned a blind eye to the ferocity of their behavior. I wasn't the only one, many others received the same onslaught. I looked sporty and had the physique of a runner, but my mind was a sports free zone. Those of us that looked sporty but had no interest in sport suffered worse bullying than fat children. I remember the sports master saying to me, “All boys like football, why don’t you?” He wanted to isolate me in order to make me fall into line. In fact I wasn't the only one that detested football.

Sport was like a cult and rite of passage all mixed into one. Any male that didn’t follow the masculine cult was often looked upon as being effeminate. I say “masculine” cult but in reality it was the establishments’ perverse view of what masculine was, based upon their sick minds. I couldn’t and still can’t understand why, in a game of football, grown men wearing schoolboy shorts hug each other when they score a goal. After the game they all jump into a communal bath together! To me it looks more like a form of homosexuality than sport. Why anyone would want to jump into a bath with their own sex is beyond me. I went to an ordinary mixed school but sport was strictly segregated. Girls did hockey in the winter and tennis in the summer. Boys did rugby in the winter and football and cricket in the summer. There was no choice you had to do it whether you liked it or not. The education system could not get it into their thick skulls that not everyone is a sports enthusiast. Such was the obsession with sports in the education system it reverberated throughout my entire miserable schooldays.

The smell of my school changing rooms had a unique odour all of its own. It stunk of stale greens, stale farts, vomit and sweaty armpits with a hint of soiled nappy! For some unknown reason the sports masters were obsessed with underpants. We were not allowed to wear them under our flimsy shorts when playing sports. Wearing underpants was a punishable offense. In the winter months we had compulsory hypothermia otherwise known as rugby! Rain, sleet, snow, it made no difference, we still had to play rugby, dressed only in flimsy shorts, a tee shirt and football boots. I’ve never felt so cold. Meanwhile the sports masters were dressed like Eskimos. I said “play” rugby; the sports enthusiasts did, whilst I endeavoured to run in the opposite direction of the ball. When the rugby humiliation period ended and we returned to the changing rooms we were ordered to strip off and run through the showers with the other boys. I hated it as I, along with many others, were brought up with Victorian self respect. Undressing in front of people was considered rude, unthinkable and indecent. The sports teachers delighted in watching us disrobe. We then had to run through the shower as fast as possible. There was no time to wash. The sports master stood at the end of the shower block and whacked us on the backside with a table tennis bat if he considered we had not run fast enough. Weird eh! In summer we played football or cricket, another mind numbing waste of time. The advantage of cricket was we didn’t have to change into sports gear and we didn’t have to go through the awful shower routine. The disadvantage was I can’t catch a ball, having complete lack of coordination and can’t throw a ball either. My Dad had a similar problem during World War Two when he had to throw hand grenades. Sporty people had practiced throwing things when young but non-sporty people don’t have that practice. Such was the sporting hell that I went through that upon leaving school I vouched to never go near a sports field or have anything to do with sport again. To this day I avoid sports fields and sporting events like the plague! Soon after leaving school I remember looking at my sports shirt and noticing that even though it was spotlessly clean the back of it was brittle due to the amount of chewing gum mixed with saliva that was spat at me by the sports bullies. For about twenty years or so after leaving school, if a rugby match came on television it would make me feel physically sick. Mind you, in my house sport wouldn’t be on television for long, it was always promptly turned off. None of my family had the slightest bit of interest in sport. We simply didn’t understand the sport mentality although we were far from couch potatoes. We were always busy, never idle.

At school I did have one advantage over the sports bullies. Because my father was once a toolmaker and my grandfather was a scientific instrument maker, working with wood and metal came naturally to me. I couldn’t understand why some boys had to be taught how to use tools. Because of my background only I and another boy were considered competent enough to use the lathe. Again it came natural to me. I remember one of the sports bullies couldn’t use the saw to cut a straight line. I didn’t need a guide and could saw straight by eye. The metalwork teacher asked me to assist the sports bully as he was busy helping another pupil. I smugly strolled over to the bully and with a big grin on my face sawed through the piece of metal with ease. I even used the file to smooth off the burred edges that he had made when trying to start the saw. That was my moment of glory. I walked away from his bench, still grinning from ear to ear. People often think that a person that doesn’t do sport is unfit and obese. It’s a complete myth. My father also had no interest in sport but, like me, looked sporty and was not overweight. DIY and being a practical person can often take a lot more energy and sometimes requires more strength than any sports training can give.

I’m extremely proud of my total ignorance of sport, especially football. I have difficulty naming more than three footballers. Now from memory there's Bobby Charlton, that Irish bloke who drunk a lot whose name escapes me and Beckham, the footballer with awful haircuts that dresses like a nancy boy going to a party! Up until the mid nineteenth century, only children played sports. Adults didn’t. That time was probably one of the most creative periods in British history. More inventions and patents were submitted than at almost any other time. Doesn’t that tell us something?

Over the years I’ve come to realise sport has and continues to be used for mass manipulation. A neighbour is a football enthusiast. At one time he was a referee and I think he refereed some top matches. I know he rubbed shoulders with some very famous footballers and managers. He told me that in the early 1960's when a neighboring team came to play the brochure would say, "We welcome our neghbours and friends." By the late 1960's that had changed to "We do battle with our bitter rivals." He said in the early 1960's there was never any violence or trouble. Opposing supporters were politely welcomed and everyone enjoyed watching the football match. By the late 1960's that had completely changed to a violent onslaught. There isn't a doubt in my mind that such a change is deliberate social manipulation.

At school, I believe sport was used to install the warrior mentality. After all team sport is a substitute for war. In the 1970’s people would often watch a fight and a football match would break out! At my school sport was used to erode individuality and put people into pigeon holes. A non competitor was a failure. We were forced to be part of the group, we were forced to be competitive, we were brainwashed with the “Must Win” mentality. The obsession with being part of the team was meant to turn us into mindless zombies. Only the bullies would rise above to become leaders. Above all, instead of being an outlet for aggression, I believe, it created aggression. My team is better than your team. Looking back, I have now come to realise it was a psychopaths selection process. Individual sports such a athletics is still enveloped in the group mentality. I've noticed they are all part of Team UK. At school, athletics was part of the group as those good enough represented the school. This begs the question, "What is the team really representing?" I think it was to install the constant striving for success and creating icons that we should all look up to. Again, it's social manipulation.
Nowadays,what passes as BBC news is often taken up with sport. Sport isn’t news. As said earlier, mindless pap diverts attention away from the real agenda. I’m sick of hearing about

the Olympic torch. The news is obsessed with it. Why on earth do people go out of their way to see some bozo running through the streets holding a giant cigarette lighter? If the Olympic torch came down the lane where I live, I wouldn’t even bother to look around to see it. The Olympic hype seems to be aimed at our subconscious. At the local filling station there are Tibetan type flags with pictures of athletes with expressions on their faces as if they have diarrhoea coming on and are just a bit too far from the nearest toilet!

The Olympic white water rafting centre has been built in a location not too far from where I live. It’s a fair distance from London, so I’m mystified why they call it the London Olympics, or to be totally correct, the London Zion Olympics. The white water rafting complex is a white elephant. No doubt soon after the Olympics hype has settled down it will be bulldozed flat. Making way for an industrial and/or housing development, whilst probably making a handful of ex-MP’s a tidy sum due to their inside knowledge! Meanwhile, during this run up to this Zion Olympic event, complete with its one eye illuminate symbolism, the borough is festooned with billboards showing people on a giant condom going down what looks like a large concrete sewage outfall! There’s union jack bunting everywhere. Even the local free newspaper is obsessed with it. A few weeks ago, the picture of the people on the giant condom was on the inside page of the free newspaper, it carried the caption “Teamwork.” This week the giant condom featured again. It had someone holding the giant cigarette lighter, seated in the middle of the condom, whilst a bunch of people sat around the man with the cigarette lighter trying to maneuver the condom down the giant sewage outfall! Psychopaths are obsessed with people being part of the “Team.” It enables them to control us. Looking back at my schooldays I now realise it was nothing more than brainwashing. Getting us to believe we either had to be part of the team or control it. It’s nothing more than the psychopaths’ agenda. Regarding my dislike of sport, there is one exception. Recently I’ve taken a liking to ladies nude beach volleyball. Haven’t the foggiest idea what the game is about, but I’m a keen spectator! I’m joking!

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Comment by Magda West London on March 15, 2014 at 18:26

I've just re-read your article, I read it too my boyfriend Chris who's just watching the rugby, I said 'quite a few rugby lads look like heavy weight boxers', and Chris said, 'cause they do bang their heads together quite a lot'. To me that's just glorified violence. In a way rugby looks quite cuddly the way they tackle and wrestle eachother, but I know they get knocked about and hurt quite a lot.
Sports has never been for me either. Even acrobatics which I enjoyed a bit more, it's all just about being trained like a circus animal. It's bread and circuses. It's gladiatorial colloseums and stages and theatres. The soft version of the war theatre. I agree with you that team sport is not an outlet for aggression but rather that it creates aggression, and also it creates a group think mentality. 

Comment by Magda West London on March 15, 2014 at 18:44

Your sport regimen at school sounds pretty horrific, no wonder it put you off sport for life. Commiserations from my Chris too! Even though he understands how corporate and money driven sport has now become he still has nostaligia for it as he enjoyed it and was the sporty type at school. He even has an education, an HND (Have No Degree lol, no it stands for Higher National Diploma) in Sports and Leisure Management, hahaha. He still likes to watch a bit of football and rudgby but thank goodness he doesn't get as serious about it as he used to. If a team that he supported lost he'd be really pissed off when he was young. 

I totally agree with you Chris that sport is for the most part a big waste of time, that could be much better spent elsewhere. 


Comment by Chris on April 2, 2014 at 20:21

Many many thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Please accept my apology for the delayed reply. A lot of my friends are sports enthusiasts and like you and Chris they understand the reason for my dislike of sports. It was the survival of the fittest attitude when I was at school, although it was a different era. At school in the 1960's the majority of teachers had been through World War Two. They had a "Toughen them up" mentality in order to produce future fighting men, ready for the forces. Even though it was the late 1960's early 1970's, a time of hippies and peace and love, the attitude in the education system was still very Victorian!

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