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The St Augustine Lodge No.972 and the Mihail Kagolniceanu Lodge No 65 in Canterbury

     Following the announcement from Portugal’s Prime Minister in January 2012, that members of their government are to declare their membership of secret societies such as the Freemasons and the name of their lodges.  And then when in December 2011 at the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of France [GLF], members repeatedly shouted out for their Grand Master to resign, following a revelation that he had written to Frances President Sarkosy, offering him support from the GLF.  Freemasonry as always maintain their ‘non-involvement’ in politics, when we know this is a load of bollocks, as the following will confirm - and I won’t even go into the French Revolution!     

     The Guardian Newspaper reported on the 7th February 2012, that the Romanian prime minister and his cabinet have resigned after weeks of sometimes violent protests over widespread corruption and austerity measures. - Emil Boc said on Monday he was quitting; " release the tension in the country's political and social situation".

     During his three-year rule, salaries of state employees were cut by a quarter and VAT increased by five percentage points, while the European debt crisis hit Romania's exports hard. - It was a toxic combination in a country that was already the second poorest in the EU, better off only than Bulgaria, which also joined the union in 2007.

     Basescu named justice minister Catalin Predoiu as interim prime minister until Ungureanu puts his team and plans up for parliament's approval, a vote that will probably come next week.  He will be in charge until the new government is formed over the coming weeks and could potentially hold on to the position until the next general election, in November.

     Opposition politicians celebrated Boc's departure and called for early parliamentary elections. "This is a victory for those that demonstrated on the streets," said Crin Antonescu, who heads the opposition Liberal party. The "most corrupt, incompetent and lying government" since the 1989 fall of Ceausescu had gone, he said. [1]

     And it was following this revolution and year in 1989, the country see the emergence of Freemasonry, when it had virtually all but disappeared following the disseverment of many Masonic lodges during the late 1930’s.  And what Romanian Freemasonry seems to reveal and confirm, - is that this shows Freemasonry is not just a “Jewish thing”, and when that's said, of course they were well into Freemasonry, but there were many Jews who were excluded from many Masonic lodges in certian countries, and why you had then and still do today - conflict between the lodges and within this gigantic global secret society that many members are in counter secret society groups and societies, - yet oddly enough they are still all Freemasons, - as you'll see Jews were not permitted in various Masonic circles, as like that of the Blackman, whom went onto form Prince Hall Freemasonry. [2]  And Freemasons come from all denominations of religions and faiths, and why you can today find the Bible, Torah and Quran side by side, as will you a Jew, Muslim or Christian standing shoulder to shoulder in their lodges worldwide.

     It also reveals the ‘dark forces’ of the society that have infiltrated our governments and whom John F. Kennedy was referring to in his famous “Secret Societies” speech.  And that even though they come from the very same mould, there are many contrasting and contradicting factors within each group, - having their own visions, agenda and intentions to that of their political rivals. Conservative Freemasons and Labourite Freemasons disagree with each other “politically” in the public arena, and why when one party or the other gets in power, it’s just their time to raid the public purse, - the same with football supporters, even though Spurs and Arsenal fans might not see eye to eye, - they stand shoulder to shoulder if and when England plays against another countries team, - and that’s how it works in the world of Freemasonry.    

     The beginnings of Freemasonry in the Danubian Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (which would unite to form Romania in 1859) date to the 18th century and the activities of the humanist scholar Anton Maria del Chiaro, secretary to voivodes Constantin Brâncoveanu (ruled Wallachia 1688-1714) and Constantine Mavrocordatos (alternately ruled both domains between 1730 and 1769).

    In advance of the Wallachian Revolution of 1848, a Freemason-inspired secret society known as Frăţia ["The Brotherhood"] was set up.

    The union of Moldavia and Wallachia in 1859 featured involvement by Freemasons from the Principalities and from exile. Cuza, domnitor of the new polity, governed on Masonic principles but nevertheless came into conflict with certain prominent boyars, who, like him, belonged to the Steaua Dunării Lodge in Bucharest. These individuals, dissatisfied with Cuza's actions, organised a plot to dethrone him, but when this was uncovered in 1865, the prince shut down the Lodge without taking measures against the plotters. Thus Cuza dissolved his own Lodge on the pretext that its establishment in nine years earlier had not been officially approved.

Not coincidentally, the three officers who presented Cuza with his act of abdication, the following year were Freemasons.  And what it also confirms, an perhaps could be paid heed of in the middle-east, is that just because you might get a 'revolution', and that a few heads might roll, - and the political strata as we know it is re-changed and altered, - nothing really alters or changes for the 99%, as our governments and our so called politicians, are basically legalised gangsters and are still members of secret societies, - they simply swop hats, so if it’s the turn of communism again, so be the case, they all just dress and act the part for it, - and that's why we have never yet lived in a truly transparent world, - and why we desperately need to do so.    

     Romania's Lodges were unified on 8/20 September 1880, when the National Lodge was founded with Constantin Moroiu as Grand Master. Conflict ensued between the National Lodge and certain Moldavian Lodges, as the former indirectly refused to admit Jews, who were concentrated in Moldavia. Cuza's successor, Carol I, refused suggestions that he become a Freemason and take the reins of the National Lodge, indeed ordering the closure of the Lodge in Brăila, which counted wealthy Jewish and Greek merchants among its members. Romanian Freemasons helped promote international recognition for the Union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918.

     On 12 November 1925 the Great Orient of Romania, which functioned alongside the Grand National Lodge. In 1934, these two merged with the Grand Symbolic Lodge of Transylvania to form the United Romanian Freemasonry, led by Mihail Sadoveanu and under American obedience. During the 1930s, Freemasonry was openly attacked in Romania, chiefly by A. C. Cuza, head of the National-Christian Defense League; the Iron Guard; and the Romanian Orthodox Church.

     On 11 March 1937, the church's Holy Synod approved an anti-Masonic study prepared by Nicolae Bălan, Metropolitan of Transylvania; this targeted Jews, who "have a preponderant, even a dominant role in Freemasonry" and concluded that "Freemasonry is a secret global organisation in which the Jews have a significant role; it has a quasi-religious rite, fighting against the religious-moral concepts of Christianity, against the monarchic and national principle, in order to establish an international secular republic. It is an expression of moral decay, of social disorder. The Church condemns Freemasonry as a doctrine, as an organisation and as a method of occult workings".

As a result of these attacks, Romanian Freemasonry dissolved itself in 1937. Masonic historiography blames King Carol II, himself a Freemason, for having taken a decision to shut down the group with the support of Patriarch Miron Cristea (another Freemason) in order to rule as absolute monarch (which he began to do the following year).

Freemasonry reappeared after the King Michael Coup in August 1944 but once again ceased its activity in 1948, not as a result of a political decision by the new Communist regime or coercive action by the Securitate, but due to a recommendation by its leadership. Romanian Freemasons in exile continued their activity until the 1989 revolution, after which Freemasonry returned to the country. The National Grand Lodge of Romania (Marea Lojă Naţională a României), which brought together three Lodges, was established in 1993; the Grand Lodge of Romania (Marea Lojă a României), uniting ten Lodges, came into being in 2003. Four more Masonic groups are active: another National Grand Lodge of Romania (Marea Lojă Naţională din România), the National United Grand Lodge of Romania (Marea Lojă Naţională Unită din România), the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania (Marea Lojă Feminină a României) and the Grand Orient of Romania (Marele Orient al României). [2]

     Free copy of Trapped in a Masonic World in PDF format - 'Warning Over 18yrs Only' - do share;

     This book contains numerous expletives, derogatory terms and insults, aimed at many groups, organisations and people in which you could quite likely find yourself being among one or more of those categories. Don‘t try and judge the book by its cover, or should I say title, - as some already have and therefore have assumed there is some kind of... undercurrent racist agenda here within its contents, when in fact you‘ll see it‘s quite the opposite. Though if you are devout in your religious beliefs, whether you‘re Christian, Muslim, Jewish or from any other faith, it might not be your cup of tea, as I'm an agnostic, borderline atheist. - If you're a member of a secret society, a corrupt world leader, MP, policeman, civil servant, - a paedophile or child abuser in general, - then I‘m afraid it‘s highly likely you will find this book extremely abhorrent, very insulting and bad for your blood pressure. So with this in mind I therefore recommend you DO NOT read on any further than this page.

     JOIN US – Surely it’s not too much to ask; to wish to live in a world where our governments are sincerely transparent and fit for the 21st Century, - and not remain in circa 1776.

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