Hello all members.

It's been a great year for the Kent Freedom Movement. We thought we would give members a quick synopsis of the Year 2011 and also let members know of our events etc planned for 2012.

The year started off with what turned out to be our last event at The Prince Albert pub. The chance to hear Veronica of the Chapman Family give a presentation for the KFM. This drew a large crowd that even Veronica commented "I was not expecting this many people" and she also commented that she was "overwhelmed". We are pleased to announce that Veronica has agreed to do another presentation for the KFM in the new year.

It was clear that the KFM needed a bigger venue and with this in mind we moved to The Three Daws Riverside Inn. We had now secured a bigger and better venue to host future events that would be more comfortable for our members while giving our guest speakers a stage to themselves.

February we had an informal meeting to showcase our new venue and banner. More importantly decide on future strategies to move things forward.

In March we hosted Jon Witterick from get out of debt free. This was another full house and a great event. Jon is such a nice bloke with a genuine desire to help people.His presentation was fantastic and everybody had a memorable evening.
I'm also pleased to announce that Ceylon who is John's right hand man at get out of debt free will be doing a presentation for the KFM in February. Check website for all forthcoming events.

In April we hosted Author Nick Kollerstrom, who also hosts the website  terror on the tube (see groups). Nick has subsequently became a firm favourite with lots of members of the KFM. He also very graciously hosted our September meeting at very short notice.

In May we hosted "The Spaniard". This was a great night and gave members the chance to pick the brains of one of the most erudite people in the freeman community.

May also saw the KFM support Muad'Dib at his trial at Southwark Crown Court. He was rightly found not guilty by a jury with common sense, who could see his intentions were honourable. This probably explains why they want to get rid of him.

In June the KFM hosted Brian Gerrish the Editor of the UK Column and the founder of the website Exposing Common Purpose. Brian is a well known figure in the "Truth" movement and this was reflected by the full house that night. Brian himself commented "You always know when it's been a great night when nobody wants to leave". We were all politely asked to go home at 1am.

June unfortunately saw the passing away of long term peace campaigner Brian Haw.

A remarkable man who will never be forgotten.

In July we hosted Muad'Dib the maker and producer of the film 7/7 Ripple Effect. This came a month after his trial at Southwark Crown Court for the "crime" of trying to pervert the course of Justice (sic). This was the State's way of vindictively getting back at somebody who has probably explained what really happened on that awful day. The KFM only had 6 days from Muad'Dib agreeing to do the presentation till the day of the event itself. Lots of members excelled themselves and got the message out far and wide. This ensured another full house and gave KFM members a chance to hear Muad'Dibs only live talk in Britain.

August was our annual music/social event. We had a surprise guest in Tony Farrell who gave a brief talk about his forthcoming Tribunal in Sheffield.

In September we had a meeting and this was hosted by Author Nick Kollerstrom. Again this was to discuss future strategies for the KFM. See blog for full minutes of September's meeting.

In September the KFM traveled to Sheffield to support Tony Farrell at his Tribunal. When a senior intelligence analyst for the Police starts to question events and realise it does not add up, you know we are all making progress.

In October we were due to host Kevin Annett. However Kevin had been deported by the State earlier in the year and his position was not 100% clear whether he could possible suffer the same fate again. With this in mind Kevin decided not to travel to Britain. Instead we decided to show Kevin's award winning film Unrepentant.

Kevin is now a member of the Kent Freedom Movement and it is honour to have such a man as a member.

In October many members went to the High Courts of Justice (don't laugh) to support Hollie Greig. The many KFM members (some of whom booked the day off work) who turned up at the event really did us proud.

November saw the first of 2 events.

On 3rd November the KFM hosted the World Exclusive showing of Muad'Dibs new film "The Nazi Bankster's Crimes-Ripple Effect.This must see film gives the real horrific story of who has been controlling world events for too long now. Muad'Dib concludes by asking people to take back our Country, peacefully. See events for full details.

On the 24th November the KFM were proud to host Bill Maloney from Pie and Mash films.
Bill gave an account of the admirable work of Pie and Mash films, while giving members an insight into his own life and what motivated him to do the work he has done.  
Bill Maloney is now running as a candidate for Mayor of London. The KFM fully support him.
So that's a brief account of 2011, so what does 2012 hold in store for the Kent Freedom Movement?

2012 will see the KFM go from strength to strength. Thanks to the endeavors of many people we have many great speakers lined up to give members memorable nights to look forward to.
In fact to accommodate them all from February we will be holding two events a month. Your continued support is vital and much appreciated.  
Some names will be familiar to you all and some maybe not so much. One thing they all have in common is a heartfelt desire to make as many people as possible aware of what is really going on.

The first speaker of 2012 will be Brian Leslie of the website Money Myths. The current "economic crises" is all contrived by those at the top and is designed to force people to accept a one world currency. It does not have to be like this. Unfortunately the Public are not educated on economics and this lets the few control the many. Brian Leslie has studied economics for 30 years and has a coherent solution that would make life better and fairer for everyone if this was widely understood and implemented. The Kent Freedom Movement are acutely aware of this and aim to help spread awareness of this most important issue. So please show your support on the 26th January and attend the first event of 2012. Please see events on website for full details.  

You may have noticed that the Kent Freedom Movement has started to charge a small admission fee of £3. We did this because we thought it was the fairest way for all who can to contribute and help the KFM grow. The unemployed and oap's are exempt as we want this information available to everybody and do not want to exclude anybody.
Rest assured every spare penny left over from paying all costs are plowed back into helping the KFM. So we are pleased to announce that we have purchased a brand new P.A system. This will hopefully be delivered in time for Brian Leslie's talk on Thursday.
We were also donated a projector by Muad Dib for which we are extremely grateful for.
This means we are now in a position where the KFM has all it's own equipment to host events.
At this point I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the people who have helped the KFM with equipment to hold our previous events. So Marcus and Jez thank you very much and a special word of thanks to Mark Windows from the website Land of the free (see groups) who has gone out of his way on many occasions to help us.

If any members have idea's for speakers or issue's they feel the KFM should be involved in, please let us know.

I'd like to wish all members a happy 2012 and thank you all for your continued support.

Kent Freedom Movement.

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Comment by Chris Moffett on January 21, 2012 at 21:07

Another great newletter Eddie - to the point, no waffle. Well done mate!

Comment by Magda West London on January 22, 2012 at 0:29

Very good newsletter, Eddie.

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