Further evidence Freemasons Involved in Robert Green case

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                                    Further evidence Freemasons Involved in Robert Green case:

You will be aware [due to Robert Green bringing it to your attention – no matter how hard you tried to stop him] that, during the Interim Diet of April 2010, Robert noted a document with the iconic ‘Square & Compass’ insignia, used exclusively by the Freemasons, had been passed between Mr McGowan and Sheriff Davies.”

Ian McFerran.  

     The more I investigate and try to discover to what extent the Freemasons might be behind the Robert Green and Hollie Greig cases, if of course they are, though if you go by the following and what had happened to Robert Green himself, then the involvement of the brotherhood seems more and more likely, as here is a letter sent by Ian McFerran a campaign member of ‘Justice for Hollie Greig’ and ‘Free Robert Green, to Sheriff Bowen.  He certainly doesn’t mince his words and slaps the evidence plainly in their face, and this is yet another example as to why we need to ban members of secret societies from also being able to serve in our governments and their related bodies i.e. the judiciary and police etc. [4], or at the very least, we need a public register of all Freemasons working in public office.

     The Portuguese Prime Minster has just announced in January 2012, that members of their government should declare their membership of the Freemasons, and the name of their lodges, - following public outrage when it’s clearly been shown trillions have been stolen from the public’s purse, as it is over here, yet what are we doing about it? [1]  

     The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France [GLoF] was booed and calls for him to resign for two hours during the lodge’s annual meeting in December 2011, after it was revealed he had written to the president of France, declaring the support of the GLoF.  It’s been so embarrassing for the fraternity, - as it confirms what we have longed suspected and believed, though what the Freemasons have always denied, which is they have no political influence or allegiance to any one political party, - so the UGLE and five other grand lodges have wrote and complained to Stefani, though all he has done differently from the rest, is that he got caught out. [2]

     Here’s Ian McFerran’s letter what he wrote some time in February 2012.

     Sheriff Bowen,

     You will see from my three emails (below)* to The Grand Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry that they have exercised their right to refuse to confirm or deny your membership with them.  This is very much akin to when you refused to confirm or deny your membership with them, whilst under oath, even though everyone else who was asked that question by George Robert Green, answered in the negative.

     I, therefore, make the following assertion to you now, in this ‘OPEN’ email: You, Sheriff Principle Edward F Bowen QC, are, to use Masonic language, a Free & Accepted Freemason and have used your Masonic influence and leverage to pervert the course of justice by denying George Robert Green his ‘Human Right’ to an open and fair trial.
     Your actions, as a Free & Accepted Freemason, during the trial of George Robert Green are, by anyone’s standards – including the legal system as well as the Freemasons themselves – utterly reprehensible!

     The criminal activity you engaged in whilst in Open Court, I shall address below.  But here I wish to state that your unacceptable actions against Robert Green and your clear bias against him throughout the trial, in favour of your professional associate of at least TEN YEARS (a relationship you failed to declare at any time during the trial or when you had the chance again just before sentencing Robert Green), ‘Dame’ Elish Angiolini, along with protecting your Masonic ‘brethren’, have brought that noble Fraternity’s reputation into disrepute.
      It is my understanding that, in the olden days, activity that caused the Masonic Order to be viewed in such a negative light, could have meant certain death to that Mason.  As you will, of course, be very aware, being as you are, a Freemason, the three main tenets of Freemasonry are: 1) Brotherly Love 2) Relief/Charity 3) Truth As such, you appear to have breached Masonic tenets 1 & 3, at least as far as the Scottish judicial system goes.
      I shall, therefore, leave it up to your ‘brethren’ as to how they wish to deal with you, given you have now directly linked the Freemasons with those who knowingly and wilfully support and protect paedophiles at the expense of the victims of child abuse attacks.
      With all of above in mind, I am now calling you out!  I openly and directly accuse you, Sheriff Principle Edward F Bowen QC, of being a ‘corrupt’ Freemason and unlawfully using your Masonic influence and connections to ‘pervert the course of justice’ and to knowingly and wilfully, through your actions, allow children and vulnerable adults to remain at risk of abuse, suffering and even death, in Scotland.

     You will be aware (due to Robert Green bringing it to your attention – no matter how hard you tried to stop him) that, during the Interim Diet of April 2010, Robert noted a document with the iconic ‘Square & Compass’ insignia, used exclusively by the Freemasons, had been passed between Mr McGowan and Sheriff Davies.  Obviously, being a Freemason, in and of itself, is not illegal.  Indeed, British Royalty are members.  In fact, as long as there is nothing untoward going on, I would have thought that it should be something its members proudly display for all to see as membership is not something that needs to be kept secret.
      However, you have clearly acted in such as way as to protect them, rather than ensuring the justice was seen to be done. These actions, given the three main tenets mentioned above, are all contrary to your Fraternity’s ideals.

Dame Elish Angiolini

     Your professional associate, of at least ten years, Dame Angiolini, is now the suspect in a criminal investigation by the Scottish CID in respect of the allegation regarding ‘misappropriation of public funds’. Your links with this woman clearly blacken your Masonic Order’s reputation. Your refusal to allow Robert Green access to two key witnesses who were essential in the defence of Robert Green, plus denying Robert Green the chance to speak freely for himself are highly suspicious for a man of the law who is charged to carry out his duty fairly and honestly.

     In addition, using ‘racist’ language against Robert Green when sentencing him (telling Robert Green that he, as a Welsh/English man, had no place telling the Scottish legal system how to run its affairs) is utterly uncalled for and highly inappropriate for a man in your position of public trust.

     Therefore, Sir, I hereby openly state that you are an abomination to the Scottish judicial system and all that it stands for.

     Further, you personally pose a very real and immediate threat to children and vulnerable adults, as too does your long-term professional associate Elish Angiolini.

    I trust that your own arrest and incarceration will not be long coming.

     Yours… in total and utter disgust at your flagrant disregard for fairness, truth, justice and impartiality,

     Ian McFerran - Campaign member of ‘Justice for Hollie Greig’ and ‘Free Robert Green’ [3]


Inside the Grand Masonic Lodge, circa unknown.

     And here’s the reply he got from the Curator Robert Cooper of the Grand Lodge of Scotland; Wed, 22 Feb 2012 Subject: RE: Membership inquiry

     Dear Mr McFerran,   I acknowledge receipt of your emails of 8th, 15th and 21st February regarding Sheriff Principle Edward F Bowen QC. I deal with email in strict date order and receive a large number daily.   Like a great many other organisations the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland does not disclose the names of its members. It is a matter for the individual to decide whether or not he or she wishes to disclose membership of any body of which he or she may be a member.   I am sorry not to have been of more assistance on this occasion.

     Robert L D Cooper Curator [3]

     Ian McFerran went onto reply and ask several more questions, and specifically to the questions in his letter; - and as you can guess, he hasn’t to date had any further replies! 

     To see the full correspondence sent by Ian McFerran see link; http://freerobertgreen.co.uk/

     Free Robert Green; https://www.facebook.com/groups/freerobertgreen/

     Letters of support to Robert Green: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Robert-Green-supporters-message...



[1] Portuguese Prime Minister guidelines - to disclose government members - whether they belong to Masonic lodges.http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/portuguese-prime-minister-guidelin...

[2] Europe’s Masonic Temples begin to rumble; as French Freemason’s shout; "Resign! Resign!" to their Grand Master...http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/europe-s-masonic-temples-begin-to-...

[3] *http://freerobertgreen.co.uk/

[4] ** Only a Few Rotten Apples - Largest Police Corruption Trial in British Criminal History.



     And until we address and tackle this fundamental problem with having members of secret societies running our everyday lives and serving in our governments and their related bodies we will never have a fair and honest transparent government or judicial system, so do join this following cause also, as they go hand in hand, though no funny handshake is required to join us! - http://www.causes.com/causes/643665-ban-members-of-secret-societies...

      Free copy of Trapped in a Masonic World in PDF format. 'Warning Over 18yrs Only' - do share;


     This book contains numerous expletives, derogatory terms and insults, aimed at many groups, organisations and people in which you could quite likely find yourself being among one or more of those categories. Don‘t try and judge the book by its cover, or should I say title, - as some already have and therefore have assumed there is some kind of... undercurrent racist agenda here within its contents, when in fact you‘ll see it‘s quite the opposite. Though if you are devout in your religious beliefs, whether you‘re Christian, Muslim, Jewish or from any other faith, it might not be your cup of tea, as I'm an agnostic, borderline atheist. - If you're a member of a secret society, a corrupt world leader, MP, policeman, civil servant, - a paedophile or child abuser in general, - then I‘m afraid it‘s highly likely you will find this book extremely abhorrent, very insulting and bad for your blood pressure. So with this in mind I therefore recommend you DO NOT read on any further than this page.

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