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The purpose of my book was to expose the fraudulent banking system and their collection agents, the courts.  I implemented various tactics to prove it.

All the things I did, albeit correct, are no longer allowed by the banks, which further proves their fraud. Everything we have done over the past 15 years is no longer winnable.  We cannot win against tyrants. Only a more powerful group can put them out of commission; we certainly have been unable to do so.

My book only scratched the surface on certain topics which now seem to be: worse than I thought, or completely irrelevant, or truer than I thought, or immaterial. This is to encourage us all to be even more vigilant and suspicious of everything other than our intuition. I still think we will prevail, but not in any way we could imagine and certainly not any way which is currently being promoted by anyone other than those who say, simply, “Know thyself”.

Immaterial:                                                                                                                                                Since I wrote my book, eight years ago, I have continued to wonder about what I wrote. I have always thought that anything channeled is suspect, so when I heard that ACIM is possibly a result of MK Ultra, I was not surprised. ACIM is likely the result of just one of the many ways that our computer brain is programmed by those who control the world and us. They download by couching what they want us to think, feel, and believe, within something about which we instinctively desire––sex, food, God, friendship, and even spiritual freedom. Certainly, there is valuable information in ACIM, yet, might it be only the conduit for their programs. ACIM texts are not simple to read. Accordingly, they appeal to intellectuals–those  who consider themselves too smart to be manipulated.

Maybe our entire lives are only the playing out of the most traumatic programs of our childhood. Maybe we just operate on the EMF around us and we do and think only to the extent of the particular EMF. Maybe ACIM is our clue to who we are––that we do NOT have free will, as we are only watching the movie of our lives on the DVD which cannot be changed.

Truer than I thought:
After reading a bit of the Bible, I suspect that what I wrote about God and LORD God is actually truer than I thought.  Not only are we on a prison planet but also we are locked within a prison body.  Those of us who have astral-traveled, had OBEs (out-of-body experiences) and lucid dreams, all know that we do not require the body to experience physical sensations. People have astral sex, go to the beach, visit Europe, etc., all without leaving the confines of their beds, and this is not dreaming. It is as real as if they were occupying their physical bodies.  So, why do we require a body?  I doubt we do. I suspect that, Genesis, Ch. 1, 26-28, when God said, “Let us make man in our image”, what we meant by that was this:  “Let us, as one spiritual, conscious frequency just fragment our one self for the purpose of gaining as many experiences as possible through a different frequency/density. When we have played out every possibility on the physical plane, we’ll disappear it all and become as one, again.”  So, what happened in chapter two?  LORD God, whoever that is, captured our individual souls, picked up some clay, and created bodies, which severely limited our spiritual capabilities and from which we could not escape until their death. These bodies, now owned and operated by LORD God, were designed as unique so we could be recognized as separate from one another, and were easy to program for his purposes, via the manipulation of the 12 strands of our DNA which were our receptors and connections to one another and source. We have been severely tampered with.

Completely irrelevant:
Any alleged solution which is outside ourselves. The list is endless: UCC, PPSA, “express, private-contract trusts”, IBOEs, PNs,  AFVs, commercial liens, Quantum Language, IRS forms 56, OID, etc. all of which were designed either to prove the fraud of the banks/courts, or to access the Direct Treasury Accounts and all of which, albeit possibly somewhat initially accurate and temporarily workable, have now proved worthless. Wasting our time and cash studying any patriot guru is for entertainment purposes only––not solutions. If you have heard their names and they are charging for their information, they do NOT have a solution. (To the extent of my knowledge, neither Dean Clifford nor Frank O’Collins charges for information.) The gurus all likely have a gun to their heads and have been told, “We will allow you to continue with your costly seminars, but you will be teaching what we tell you to teach.”

Recently, I re-discovered David Wynn Miller (DWM) and watched his May 2010 youtube video.  His stories alarmed me. When he said that he had met the great, great grandson of Joan of Arc––“what are the odds of that?”, I paused the video to answer, “Zero.” Joan of Arc had no children. She died at 19, was a devout Roman Catholic, had visions of God, and fought a war; I doubt she had the desire to reproduce, never mind the time. Even if she had, this man would have “great’, 14 times before “grandson”, not twice.

When he said that by writing the Wal-Mart contract for the Chinese, thereby increasing Wal-Marts from 100 stores to 1800, I was irked. When he said that he assisted a woman with her claim against the feds for her loss, due to the WTC demolition, and by doing so, vitiated thousands of other claims, I was appalled. When a man whom he assisted at court won his case and was told by the judge that he was free to go, DWM immediately left. The judge then asked the man if he understood what DWM had done. The man admitted he did not and was immediately sentenced to 18 months. DWM’s moral to this story was that we had better know this QL or we could wind up in jail. But, the truth of that story is that DWM ought to have taught the man that any questions from a resentful judge, subsequent to “you are free to go”, are just more offers to contract which he can decline.

DWM has accomplished much, as his QL is likely accurate, but what perturbs me is that, still, after years, there are no reports that any one else has ever won. DWM is unique in that he addresses the fraudulent language of the courts, rather than the commercial and ecclesiastical fraud of the courts, but, still, we cannot win against criminals. It is tantamount to telling the Gestapo, “You can’t do this to me!”

Worse than I thought:
All courts are structured on a concept similar to that of Las Vegas casinos. I’ve heard that both  the courts and the casinos winning odds are 86% to 14%. The wins, permitted by the house, are calculated to prompt the masses to think they, too, can win. From our perspective, we win only episodically and without rhyme or reason. The latest and greatest “process” from the Remedy Rock Stars is never any better or worse than what we have already tried. Each is likely somewhat theoretically accurate, but that is moot when, in practice, there is no win. The house/court always wins, even when we also do. It is solely a numbers game and the results of each case are arbitrary except for our competence and conduct. Again, the only reason for the very few wins at the casino/court is to convince the masses to “come on down” and TRY to win. This grants the casino/court the opportunity to fleece us out of our cash.

There is NO reason to accept an invitation to court. What causes us to think we must? The invitation is for them to entrap us via their trickery, deceit, threat, and coercion.  These courts have nothing to do with us; they are public servants’ conventions. Every officer of the court––judge, prosecutor, clerk, attorney, bailiff, sheriff, cop, works for the same employer. The situation is at least 5 against one. Our attending court suggests that we do not know this and that alone tells them that we are incompetent. How stupid do we have to be to jeopardize our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual safety?  Just as “there is NO money” and “there is NO justice” and “there are NO facts”, so there is NO win against the banks/courts/casinos. So, don’t bother to listen to someone describe “how” he won a court case unless it includes his comprehension, conduct, competence, and his absence, none of which we can obtain from another. “Processes”, by which some have claimed to have won, are outside ourselves.

My suggestions:
What’s the best way to put anything out of commission?  Quit giving it our attention. We MUST quit going to court. Courts are NOT for executors and beneficiaries (us); courts are for public servants and trustees (not us). But, I’d be sure to tell them, before the date, why I won’t be going to court and I’d be sure to default them when they admit (by failing to deny or provide proof) that not only do I not belong there but also I have no contract with the Crown (or state). Since the Attorney General oversees the provincial/state attorneys, it would be prudent to apprise him also.

I do not believe “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.  I do not think that we can beat those who control the world, for just that reason––they control the world––ALL of it, but particularly the courts/banks. I do think something or someone can and will stop the insanity but that is not we. There must be some underground group, about which we couldn’t possibly know (we know about Anonymous), which is doing, on our behalf, work we can’t even imagine.  They must be highly brilliant, highly funded, and highly secretive. Likely, they hardly even know who they all are, themselves. How could we possibly know?  They might be off-planet entities, or renegades from top corporations/agencies, or powerful grass-rooters, or just a computer program with more AI than we have. Who knows?  We most certainly do not know because if we think we know who they are, then that is not they.

From a pragmatic perspective, all we can do is decline to contract with thugs, demand they prove a contract exists, state our role as occupant of the office of general executor, and continue to ask questions, even though they are never answered.  If we recall the most important aspects of their unlimited trickery:  to get us into contract; to cause us to forget who we are and who we are not, to confuse us about our role, to scoff at our knowledge, to intimidate, threaten, coerce, deceive, etc., we will be able to handle their confrontations.

I have nearly completed a letter to the Crown corporation, rejecting their lies, and ending with the warning that they will be destroyed––not by us but by their handlers. The very ones who write their pay-cheques will punish them for betraying their fellows. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But, remember that within the overall dishonour of the controllers, there exists honour, and anyone who violates that honour will be punished. The violators are not we, but the ones who deceived us––not the fat cats at the top but the whores at the bottom who, for a pay-cheque, deceived their fellow man. Remember #4 of the Nuremberg Principles.

From a spiritual perspective, our role is tantamount to:  “They also serve who only stand and wait.”  It is our inward action, not our outward action, which will stop the insanity. We must remain vigilant of what goes on within our minds. We are being controlled and attacked from angles of which we are not even aware, so we must continue to monitor our thoughts and that which grabs our attention. “The secret to life is mind management.”  We must think like George Sanders and Christopher Reeve of the original and remake, respectively, of the movie, “Village of the Damned”.  They held off the children’s attempt to control their minds, by envisioning a brick wall.  We must re-focus our time, energy, attention, and emotion, from their antics to our mind-management. I do not think we will have to endure the insanity of this world for much longer. Where we ought to be spending our time is doing what we love to do with those whose company we enjoy, simplifying our lives, and gazing inward.  We must ignore their demands for our attention. It is our minds which can allow us to feel joy, but also can ruin our joy. Remain extremely vigilant. Pay attention to intuition. Stay out of the casinos.


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Comment by Eddie Boyce on September 30, 2011 at 4:20




The KFM has supported Muad Dib in more ways than you'll ever know.

We have done this not because we necessarily believed his beliefs but because we were grown up enough to realise 7/7 was an inside job and appreciated his film and efforts to expose the truth.

You however keep coming onto our site (you are most welcome) and attacking all our efforts to find remedy if you will. This is becoming tiresome.

Many members, including myself simply do not buy into the "religious" aspect so look elsewhere for answers to an insane world.The trouble with "religious" people is they see only one solution to everything and anything else is the work of the devil. They believe in ONE book written by who's know's who a long time ago and naively believe this is all they need to know. That's there prerogative but not content with that they feel the need to save us from this loving God that will burn us forever if we don't recognise him. No contradiction there then. I really try to avoid discussions with religious types as they can never see another way.


When Brian Haw the peace campaigner was very ill and needed treatment for cancer, who stepped in to make the last 6 months of his life bearable and give him a fighting chance?
Even though he was a "Christian" not ONE of those many branches stepped in to help. Guess who did step in and actually make his last days on Planet Earth bearable? Yes you've guessed it, David Icke. He used his worldwide appeal to set up a fund that paid for all of his specialist treatment. Debbie and myself went to visit Brian Haw in hospital and to our surprise there was David Icke sitting next to Brian telling him not to worry about a thing he would sort it out. I should point out that was after a tour in America and he only flew in to Britain to explain what he was going to do for Brian before heading out again the very next day to Europe. Enough said.


Mary Croft on the other hand beat these evil fraudsters at their own game. Then wrote a book explaining how she had done this and released it onto the internet FREE OF CHARGE to help our collective understanding.
She continues to do this on her blog.

These two people are in my opinion honourably people who have given mankind practical help here and now on how to bring this NWO agenda down.

I'm guessing your "solution" is to believe in Jesus, wait for tomorrow (it never comes) and all will be well. In my opinion, childish suspicious nonsense.

You keep having your say about time I had mine.       

Comment by Deborah Williams on October 2, 2011 at 20:15

Mary Croft is not the one using Legalese it is the fraudulent legal system. Mary has only brought it to the fore, so that nobody else that reads her books are fooled by it any more.She has also told people of the fraudulent money system and how the banks create money out of nothing, and how your signature pays the debt and that there is no need to pay interest on something you have already paid for.She has also explained that we are many they are few and therefore we should not look at ourselves as little me.She shows that it is the governments that should be afraid of us, not the other way round.Many people have been helped by Mary Croft and no longer live in fear and have got themselves out of debt, and separated themselves away from government and the fraudulent statutes and acts.

David Icke has spent the last 20 odd years informing people of the NWO and their evil schemes to control the whole world and a system that would make George Orwell turn in his grave.He could have stayed in his cosy corporate world of the BBC and carried on being a presenter or even in the Green Party.So what he does instead was lead himself into complete ridicule, where any comedian only had to say his name and would get a laugh. He appeared on Wogan and all the audience were in complete hysterics at him. He could have gone under and ended up in a nut house, but no not David, he was made of firmer stuff than that.One day he was at the traffic lights and someone pulled up alongside him and laughed when he turned round. He said to them, what are you laughing at? They couldn't answer, they had just been brainwashed into believing what the media line was saying, but could not back it up.
I think it is you Debra who is inadvertently working for the NWO, it is you who have got blinkers on and cannot see any other way, but follow your so-called god's law. I on the other hand have an open mind. I also follow the principle of my Grandmother 'there is more than one way to skin a cat' and 'do not put all your eggs in one basket'

Kind regards


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