Barbara (babs) Tucker: Political Prisoner.



Barbara Tucker: Political Prisoner.





Barbara Tucker has been sentenced to 4.5 weeks in prison for the heinous crime of asking for "peace, Love and justice for all". Such is our upside down, back to front world a peace campaigner is in prison while the mass murderous of this world are multi millionaires swanning around free.

Many members of the KFM support the Brian Haw PSPC and we will continue to do so. If you can help in anyway please do so. We really could do with people going down to Parliament Sq and showing the criminal Political class that we will not be beaten and will never give in. 


To find out how the corrupt system has put her in prison illegally go to the website for full details.

The blog post from the last 7 days explain it all


Here is the video the KFM took of her arrest.




We have some plans in the pipeline so do please check this site or visit Brian Haws site for details as we reveal them.

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Comment by Eddie Boyce on August 17, 2011 at 10:48


Members who wish to write a letter of support to Barbara Tucker please see me at the music event and I will give you full details you will need to write to her. For obvious reasons I will only give this out to people face to face.

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