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Best Wishes to all at KFM

Hello all at KFM - Eddie a Deborah - excuse my sudden departure from Facebook, - but I really could take it no longer!

I feel as if I was in the company of the brain-dead.

I have decided to stop writing and getting involved in anything at the moment.  Taking a break so to speak.

Just to let you know - I have and still do have the utmost respect for those at KFM - particularly Eddie Boyce and Deborah Williams. 

Respects and best wishes to…


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Never Seen Before Evidence – 9/11 – The “Hidden Airport in Masonic Footprint”


Despite all the previous arguments and evidence presented to date that clearly shows the American government’s own official storyline on what had happened on 9/11, is far from true, and that yes indeed it was what is often termed; “an inside job” - what I'm about to reveal, adds even a more sinister edge to it all.  

This article is not for the novice…


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Banned! Former Cllr Sheena Williams - WhatDoTheyKnow Org

The website; What Do They Know; have banned former Councillor Sheena…


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Yellow Journalism = Bullshit - Are You Dumb or What?

For if you [the rulers] suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves [and outlaws] and then punish them.

-Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)…


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Great Shots of Inside Chemtrail Airplanes!!!

Inside shot of a Chemtrail Airplane?

Chemtrail Tanks?  Some argue they are simply "Ballast Barrells", yet…


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Incredible footage "Orbs" in the Sky!

We know there are many of these types of films, but here are two films, that in our opinion show the best footage we have seen to date that clearly show "Orbs" lurking within the clouds and sky in general.  It shows really odd-shaped clouds…


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Woolwich-London Killing - Compelling Evidence - False Flag?

The contents of this blog are from the original:



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Scrap Dealer's Court Trial - Alan Gowing - Eddie Goldtooth - 22nd March 2013 Romford Magistrates Court

Scrap Metal Dealers Act Part 2 of 2

The final court trial of scrapdealer Alan Gowing is to go ahead this Friday the…


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The Bank of Deception...

Libor Exposure Of Banker Corruption, Bank Of England And U.S. Fed Both Implicated [1a]

It’s nothing new, Barclays and HSBC banks have long been involved in corrupt dealings, [1b][1c][1d], yet woe be tide if you dare even try to open a bank account or ask for a loan if you’ve missed so much as last month’s mobile phone bill,…


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Masonic Villages, Chipped Children, Masonic Education and Academies...

Discover the Lifestyle You Deserve

[Not everyone, just you and a few other bro's]

     Are you on the square? - Five Masonic Villages are located in Dallas, Elizabethtown, Lafayette Hill, Sewickley and Warminster serving the eastern, central and western…


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Freemasonry was the 'In Thing' - until the rise of Hitler!

Granma Gaga, Ma-Donna, Mama Carey and Nana-Pink

Particularly in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ when it was the in-thing for a…


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This is a great film made over 60 years ago that cost the life of its director Paul Riche, a pseudonym of Jean Mamy, who was shot dead at the fortress of Montrouge on 29th March 1949 for what the Masonic courts…


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The 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, also known as Amerithrax from its FBI case name, occurred over the course of several weeks beginning on the 18th September 2001, one week after the September 11 attacks.  Letters such as those above…


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Police Use Angle-Grinder to Gain Entry to Scrap Dealer - Protester & Eddie Goldtooth Batman Protester!

Part 2

Here is part two of two, around the 5min mark the police just proceed to angle-grind the man's metal bars off the office in his scrap-dealers yard.  Alan a scrap-dealer by trade and businessman from Collier Row, Essex, has been defending his…


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Thank You Kent Freedom Movement

May we thank all those members of KFM for attending last night's presention, and to those who purchased our book A Madness Shared by Two, thank you. 

It was also nice to see Tony Farrell there, and our special thanks go out to Deborah and Eddie for iniviting us down to KFMs HQ to address the group.…


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Kent Freedom Movement Presents - A Madness Shared by Two - BBCs Madness in the Fast Lane

Here's a new…


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Troubled Waltham Forest Council Loses Court Case Over Fraudulent SPD Form

Actor, writer-singer and documentary maker Mark Windows, has triumphantly won a court case against troubled Waltham Forest Council after it was proved and agreed by the Magistrate; that the council had blatantly lied and tried their utmost to deceive the rest of the community that ultimately would affect everyone else in the country who too faced a similar dilemma. …


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BBCs Who's Watching the Detectives? - BBCs Madness in the Fast Lane, the IPCC & Police Cover-Up!

BBCs Panorama Who's Watching the Detectives? first aired 19th November 2012, it examines as the Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC] is handed the investigation into Hillsborough, the biggest policing scandal in UK history, BBC reporter Mark Daly, investigates whether the body that polices the police is fit for purpose.  Panorama hears from families who…


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