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The Government is listening in, the KFM have a few simple requests.

I just came across this article (posted below) and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

But lets suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend the Government do actually work for us and are not just banksters moles who enslave us in so many ways and in fact have a dark future planned for us all and are actively pursuing it 24/7.

Your Facebook, Twitter and blog are about to be monitored for references to the Government…


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You Won’t Believe Which Big-Name Groups are Opposed to Flu Vaccine Mandates

Labor unions representing professionals and skilled workers from many fields have publicly opposed mandatory vaccination in written statements to a government organization. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, skilled laborers, teachers, flight attendants, manufacturing employees, energy workers, and…


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Degenerate Filth Of The Truth Movement: Danielle La Verite?

          I ran out of tin foil so had to put this colander on my head



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Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines

A Johns Hopkins scientist has issued a blistering report on influenza vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Peter Doshi, Ph.D., charges that although the vaccines are being pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are less effective and cause more side effects…


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Veteran MD buys farm and prescribes food as medicine

Meet Dr. Ronald Weiss, MD, an internist with a successful 25-year medical practice in West New York who moonlights as an assistant professor at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark. Weiss, a 52-year-old married father of two, sold his lucrative practice and liquidated all his…


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Scientific fraud? DuPont study deliberately hid toxic effects of GMOs fed to rats

A pair of studies recently published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) reveals the double standard used in evaluating the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods, says Claire Robinson, in a July 11 editorial on the website GM Watch.

Editorial double…


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Victory! By Molon: Labe

i have just received today in the morning mail three letters from the CPS stating that after torturing me for 4 months they have dropped the case and asking me to clarify what compensation i require, or words to that effect. i could be clearly seen dancing in the most ridiculous fashion all around the home and garden.…


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New NHS statins guidance 'risks harming patients'

Telling millions of healthy people to take statins risks harming 'many patients over many years', doctors warn Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, and watchdogs

Proposals to advise twelve million people to take statins could have “worrying” consequences because the plans were borne out of an “overdependence” on studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry
Proposals to advise twelve million people to take…

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The Cholesterol Drug War: ABC Australia Bans Documentary Exposing Statin Drug Scandal

dr maryanne demasi The Cholesterol Drug War: ABC Australia Bans Documentary Exposing Statin Drug Scandal

Dr MaryAnne Demasi from the Catalyst. Her investigative reporting on the dangers of statin drugs has now been banned.

Health Impact News Editor Comments

Dr. MaryAnne Demasi’s documentary on the criminal activity of the pharmaceutical industry regarding cholesterol-lowering statin drugs sent shock waves through the mainstream media…


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Scientist who advocates GMO golden rice also advocates infanticide

Golden Rice

Tuesday, June 03, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

Tags: GMOs, golden rice,…

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The Reset, But Reset What?

It has come to my attention from Mark Windows who runs the website called Land Of The Free that a new organisation calling itself "The Reset" seems to be promoting the UN's Agenda 21 and that it was trying to recruit people from the Freeman and Truth movement.…


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The US Government Poisoned Alcohol During The Prohibition Era

It was Christmas Eve 1926, the streets aglitter with snow and lights, when the man afraid of Santa Claus stumbled into the emergency room at New York City's Bellevue Hospital. He was flushed, gasping with fear: Santa Claus, he kept telling the nurses, was just…


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Pouring Saltwater Over Graphene Generates Electricity

A team of Chinese scientists did an impossible-sounding thing. They created electricity simply by dragging a droplet of saltwater across a layer of graphene. No big fires, no greenhouse gases, no fuss. They…


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There Is A Cure For Cancer Just Around The Corner, We Just Need Many More Millions To Find It

Run for the cure, buy a pink ribbon, buy a pink top from Tescos and now we have 'Selfies' of women without make-up and men with make-up on, splashed all over social media sites. In fact Cancer Research UK made over £2 million in the first 48 hours of their 'no make-up selfie'…


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England’s Levellers: The World’s First Libertarian Movement

The first-ever libertarians were the Levellers, an English political movement active in the seventeenth century. The Levellers contributed to the elaboration of the methodological and political paradigm of individualism, and they are at the origin of the radical strand of classical liberalism. While the Levellers are often characterized as a quasi-socialist movement, closer…


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Police State harassment exposed - A land of the free special report

Below is an article written by Mark Windows from the excellent website

As the KFM have also been slandered by these people due to our previous blog on the matter, it's time we had our honest say on the matter (see below this main article) and stand by Mark and Dony whom we totally trust and respect.

The Tony Farrell Report, Fact or Fiction?  (see link…


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The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it

British banknotes – money
'The central bank can print as much money as it wishes.' Photograph: Alamy

Back in the 1930s, Henry Ford is supposed to have remarked that it was a good thing that most Americans didn't know how banking really works, because if they did, "there'd be a revolution before tomorrow…


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Propaganda Psy-Op? “Worldwide Wave of Action”. The “Global Spring” Begins


Washington’s Blog has brought to our attention a series of videos produced by “…


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Oklahoma House votes to nullify Agenda 21, 66-26

OKLAHOMA CITY, Mar. 4, 2014 – A bill that would nullify Agenda 21 in Oklahoma passed through the state house today

HB2807, the “Oklahoma Community Protection Act,” would prohibit any state…


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The Dangers Of Ingesting Baking Soda/ Bicarbonate Of Soda and some REAL SOLUTIONS!!

Baking soda is a miracle! Youtube said so! People are curing themselves with baking soda! We are too acidic! I'm a juicer now I'm a guru! The CAUSE of 'acidity' leading to other disorders is chronic dehydration and a toxic colon. You will know that when you start eliminating…


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