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The Multicultural Myth.

The Multicultural Myth.

The indigenous population and immigrants, we are all victims of a huge con. The perpetrators are a consortium of social manipulators and political elites that are on the payroll of the higher echelons of the banking cartel. These people can carry out treason and create mass misery and suffering on a global scale without a hint of conscience as they are psychopaths.

A psychopath has no empathy and no concern…


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CBI calls for TOLL ROADS to boost the UK economy

It would appear that some of the perhaps " Corporate Nazi's " in the CBI are once again pushing for " private tax " eco-fascist inspired TOLL ROADS as the way to boost our economy.   Like everything which comes from the eco-fascist stable its bound to produce false economic growth and increase the financial apartheid between rich and poor.   Perhaps this more than amply proves that the eco-fascists are firmly in bed with big business, ( with the same aim of…

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Public Sector Strikes

I was just speculating about the proposed public sector strikes at the end of this month. It just shows the ten bob fat cats all up that the average turnout in all the strike ballots has only been around 33%, and even if three to one did back strike action, its hardly a sound mandate. I suspect that the government will make political mincemeat of the Unions, and take an ample opportunity to introduce legislation to ban strikes if less than 50% of the membership…

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DARPA funded Facebook under fire from Euro regulators for revealing massive facial recognition database

By M. Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

The fact that this is surprising to people is beyond all comprehension. This technology has been under development  since Facebook took on massive funding from CIA/NSA connected firms. Of course this is brushed off…


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Have I Got Old News For You. David Attenborough calling for poulation control

I am reposting some old news articles to keep fresh in our minds what is said by people in the public eye.

Attenborough warns on population

This is why I have stopped David

Attenborough being…


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Remembrance Day

It’s a typical example of the police state we now live in that WWII Veterans (mainly ex-conscripts) that do NOT support the Poppy Appeal neither wearing one nor contributing to it, are not given a voice on the mass media. It's as if they don't exist, their viewpoint banished

from history. As these Veterans numbers are now few, their sons, daughters and

wives endeavour to ask the same unanswered questions: The wartime euthanasia…


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