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How Sainsbury’s Is Hand-in-Glove with the GM Agenda

2012 07 23

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir | RedIceCreations.com

A leading UK supermarket which professes to respect its customers’ wishes not to stock genetically-modified (GM) foods appears to be promoting their development at huge cost to the tax payer.

Sainsbury’s told The Therapy Book in March of this…


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hope this helps

How to get out of Debt (the simple DIY Method)

(From Mary-Elizabeth: Croft)

"You just send the letters"

Whenever you receive a demand for payment from a Bank, Building Society, or Loan Company, all you need to do is to respond correctly, the drift of which is to request them to provide…


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Media Manipulation

The mainstream media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government gangsters and their puppeteers that financially enslave us. Mainstream medias' job has always been to keep the populous in ignorance of the usury scam. With the exception of a few truly independent media outlets that have, over the years,…


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State kidnapping the Elderly!

There is much talk on the alternative news media about the state stealing of children but little, if anything, about the state stealing of the elderly. Here at http://www.carersunited.org a steady stream of reports are coming in where carers are being deliberately separated from their loved ones.…


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Sport, the hidden agenda.

There are many human activities that I fail to understand. One such example is sport. To me it’s a lot of effort to accomplish a meaningless task. I’m not competitive. From the moment I started school I had sport rammed down my throat. It was the bane of my schooldays. I come from a practical non-sporty family. Whereas most young children kick a ball around and play games, my preference was always to be creative.



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As Greed Destroys Mankind


A doctor saves a thousand lives, 

But greed will take a thousand more.

As money chooses who survives

And who will knock on Heavens door.

Our food could feed the world around,

But greed will always hold its place

And where the heart of greed is found

Is, deep, within the human race.

We watch the greed destroy…


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ANONYMOUS. Just Another Element Of Controlled Opposition - Kevin Boyle

From the site NO ONE TO VOTE FOR

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Vladamir Ulyanov/Lenin, the bisexual…


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Wakestock music festival first in UK to use microchips

(From BBC radio 1 newsbeat)

Wristbands fitted with microchips have been worn by everyone at a UK festival for the first time.

The technology, which designers claim will cut out fake tickets and queues, was used by 15,000 festival-goers at Wakestock, Cardigan Bay, Wales.

Organiser Stuart Galbraith said: "The benefits are huge. This will be the future of festivals."

Critics, however, have said…


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GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty to criminal fraud charges, pays massive $3 billion in fines

(NaturalNews) U.K.-based pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a corporate "person" in the eyes of the federal government (…


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                             Atos the soul less organisation, destroying peoples lives


The Atos assessment process troubled me greatly. originally i felt that i had…


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I Became A Dad Again Today And Ended Up Discussing Penalty Charge Notices With The Midwifes And Doctors-The Mind Boggles!

Penalty Charge Notice

As I sit here and write this article I have to say that I am one very tired bloke, yet I feel that I have to get this out before I collapse into a bloody heap.

I went to my local maternity hospital today with Mrs Newstruth as our baby had to be…


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