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Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances

Sayer Ji, Contributing Writer

Activist Post

According to the FDA’s legal definition, a drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.”

The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as those found on our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of…

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Now Romania’s Masonic Lodges – Coming Under Fire! - Kent Freemasons

The St Augustine Lodge No.972 and the Mihail Kagolniceanu Lodge No 65 in Canterbury

     Following the announcement from Portugal’s Prime Minister in January 2012, that members of their government are to declare their membership of secret societies such as the Freemasons and the name of their lodges.  And then when in December 2011 at the annual meeting of…


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Workforce isn't working, just making things worse.


Tesco has insisted that a job advert for a permanent night shift worker paying   no wages was a "mistake" after a row erupted overnight on social   networking site Twitter among angry jobseekers.



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Start Rattling Our Cages...

The World Wide Web has changed our planet and lives forever, it has uniquely enabled us to fast forwarded to this place in time, that considering for how long man has been on this planet, we should have already reached this point in time, a long, long time ago.  With our present day technology and the internet, - and it now goes without saying with the help of such organisations like Wikileaks, Anonymous and the Kent Freedom Movement etc., it is allowing us to shine the light on the…


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Are We Right To Celebrate the Eventual Demise of the Euro?

By: The Rodfather

It seems inevitable that the accursed jewel-in-the-crown of the European Union, the Euro, will eventually collapse into a pile of worthless pieces of paper across the floor of Europe.  Equally it seems very probable that despite the best efforts of the unelected despots and lickspittle politicians who deny their own people a say in their own lives that the European Union itself may be heading for the buffers. …


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Chem-Trails in Sussex?

When a jet aircraft flies through the atmosphere and the conditions are just right for it, the aircraft will leave a trail of exhaust fumes behind it, much like a car.  The visible trail is made up of gases that are expelled by the engine and are made up mainly of heated water which is hotter than the surrounding air, hence the vapour trail. 

 A normal vapour trail is easy to identify because as the water cools to the temperature of the…


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Spanish village goes back to peseta: Residents turn to old money they'd held on to in case the euro folded

A Spanish town is looking to the past to safeguard the future of its ailing economy by reintroducing  the peseta.

Fed up with the failing euro, rebellious locals in Villamayor de Santiago have reverted to using the old currency, which was phased out a decade ago.

Around 30 shops in the historic town,  75 miles south-east of Madrid, started accepting pesetas last month…


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Cornish groups want to dump sterling and adopt own currency

Ian Jones, chief executive of Volunteer Cornwall,says the county - where the Prince of Wales owns tens of thousands of acres as head of the Duchy of Cornwall - should adopt its own currency.

He said Cornwall should consider "radical ideas" to protect itself in the economic downturn.

The Cornwall currency could be modelled on local money schemes such as the Totnes and Lewes pounds which were…


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Physician Prescribes Coconut Oil And Successfully Cures Alzheimer's Disease

What if there was an actual cure for diseases such as alzheimer's disease, parkinson's, ALS, epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, and even autism? What if that cure was not a drug and available at many health food and even grocery retailers?

What if you could be incorporating something into your diet right now that is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps with weight-loss and is one of the richest sources of healthy sources of fat?

I know it sounds to good to be true but coconut oil…


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Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit

NaturalNews) The FDA has, for decades, ridiculously insisted that mercury fillings pose no health threat whatsoever to children. While dismissing hundreds of studies showing a clear link between mercury amalgam fillings ("silver fillings") and disastrous neurological effects in the human body, the FDA denied the truth about mercury and effectively protected…

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