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  • Stop Smart Meters (UK)

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 24, 2014

    Est. January 2012, Stop Smart Meters! (UK) is an independent, not-for-profit voice calling for an immediate halt and reversal of the UK's Smart…

  • The Outlaw

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 1

  • Max Resistance

    12 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2014

    A New World Order has been a long time in the making, its pieces fitting into place from divergent realms and with many different players.…

  • Weather Action

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 15, 2014

    World leaders in Long Range Weather & Climate Forecasting

    WeatherAction is also involved in the Global…

  • The "UK" No State Project group

    5 members Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2013

    sharing our own Adventures in Legal Land from the British Isles in association with Marc Stevens & The No State Project…

  • White Rabbit Education Group

    27 members Latest Activity: Apr 16, 2014

    If you're new to cutting through the matrix of the monetary and economic and legal system then listen to Ben Lowrey's interviews with The Spaniard…

  • Terror on the tube

    11 members Latest Activity: Sep 11, 2013 A good website to start researching details of the 7/7 bombings.Nick Kollerstrom tears apart the official story.He presents a detailed analysis based…

  • Freeman on the land

    25 members Latest Activity: Dec 15, 2013 All you need to know to become a Freeman on the land.

  • Brian Haw TV

    5 members Latest Activity: May 23, 2011 Love,Peace,Justice for All -Brian & Babs

  • Land of the Free

    20 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2014 Land of the free reports on anything newsworthy and informative to freedom seekers. We are dedicated to covering cutting edge news and finding…

  • Enigmatv

    3 members Latest Activity: Aug 24, 2011 Chris Everard's fascinating website where you can find information on a whole host of interesting subjects

  • Get out of debt free

    19 members Latest Activity: Feb 17, 2014 A website that takes you through the process of cancelling all so called "debts"

  • David Icke headlines

    12 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2014 The real news thats going on in the world ,instead of the main stream bullshit

  • Natural News

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 15, 2014 A free online encyclopedia of natural health knowledge from the industry's top authors and writers. This website is an amazing research tool that…

  • The Peoples United Community

    11 members Latest Activity: Apr 15, 2014 A Website where you can find about the fraud they call the legal system and how you have been a slave to that system. Time to release yourself from…

  • Albert Burgess - A case for treason

    7 members Latest Activity: Mar 4, 2012 Albert's Website shows unbelievable proof that treason was commited by the Heath government in the early 1970's and as a direct result we are now…

  • Spiritual Economics Now

    9 members Latest Activity: Jun 14, 2014

    Mary Crofts website for complete spiritual and mental enlightenment.Discover who you really are and find out the complete scam of both the money…

  • Void Mortgage

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 4, 2014

    Void Mortgages is a website dedicated to unraveling the truth behind a Mortgage (death grip) and who's sole purpose is to seek answers as to the…

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The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.

Abraham Lincoln



Kent Freedom Movement is a grass roots organisation of people who want to bring important information to the people of Kent.

Money quote

In the beginning there was barter,

then there was money,

then there was money & debt,

then there was only debt –

and deception.





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