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Comment by Deborah Williams on October 7, 2010 at 13:16

The Vaccine Resistance Movement has evolved three primary goals

1) Exposing vaccine fraud & Industry malfeasance

2) Providing the most complete source of safe alternatives to vaccines available

3) Preparing for multiple Class Action Lawsuits to be served to our respective Health Agencies around the world.

Mandatory Vaccinations are just around the corner and we MUST prepare our defense given a World Health Organization treaty bent on curtailing our inherent rights to self determination of the body.

My whole philosophy now is about getting away from doctors forever. Knowledge of health has always been around us in nature. We lost the crucial secrets but now are acquiring them again finally. By gathering all the gold nuggets available, discerning the path that works best for you & your children you can BECOME your own doctor.

We were meant to be self sufficient, not beholden to others for answers.

Join us as we take to the streets, to the courts, to our schools & local centers. The truth is out and we will never stop fighting for our rights to self determination of the body. We need you more than ever!

Please support VRM in our efforts to fight Big Pharma & the Vaccine lobby. Granted no easy task but we’re committed to resist the Medical Dictatorship being set up for us all. We are also strengthened by having the truth on our side. And eachother. Your donations will help us in the legal trenches so to speak, with website management, legal consulting, rally costs, signs, printing, and general expenses.

NOTE: Regarding allowing an OxySilver link on the site, that was a favor to my webmaster assistant who devoted countless hours to help build the website. He supplies it on the side. There’s no profit motive whatsoever for me. VRM is strictly non-profit for a reason. We rely entirely upon donations & grassroots efforts to move forward with the bolder initiatives planned. None of us are bankers. Thx

Much love to you all. Joel
Comment by Eddie Boyce on December 18, 2010 at 23:49

This is very important information that needs to be widely understood.

Thanks Debbie for adding this group to the Kent Freedom Movement.

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