The Kent Freedom Newsletter No:1 October 2011

Hello all members

Welcome to the first Kent Freedom Movement newsletter.

The idea is to periodically keep members appraised with all things KFM. We will send these out quarterly or whenever we feel there is a need for members to be updated.

The Kent Freedom Movement

The KFM has come an incredible long way since it's beginnings in May 2010. We are now well known all over the alternative community. This is no fluke, it has taken a lot of hard work by many people to make this happen. Our aims are threefold, to inform as many people as possible through the website to the true nature of how things really are and expose a corrupt system that is designed and being further implemented to bring about a fascist "New World Order"
To hold monthly events/meetings to bring this information to members and the public alike. This also brings us together as a community so we are more than just virtual friends.
Thirdly to take action to oppose the "NWO" in all it's various guises and oppose it peacefully. We do this by educating people, going on Demonstrations, supporting certain causes and people in the Courts. As well as leafleting and promoting the KFM whenever possible. We really must start getting out their and do all we can to bring this evil system down.
We can and will build a better society for ALL of us not just the benefit of 1% of the population.

 The Website

We have 245 members who use the site differently and have different levels of computer literacy. So please do not misunderstand us we are trying to inform all members and do not mean to patronise anybody.

We have a chat facility which is exactly what it Say's it is. You can turn this facility off if you want too. Just click on the green button and a pop out box will ask you if you want to go offline. By clicking the Square button to the left you can chat in a big pop out box, this obviously allows you to follow all the previous post and is handy when quite a few members are on and posting things up quickly.

Thanks to KFM member Rick Margetts we have alternative Radio on the KFM. Rick has been instrumental in setting up and running IC Radio ( IC = International Community Radio) and puts in an incredible amount of work to make it what it is today. The radio is under the chat box. Simply click on the play button and you have access to lots of excellent alternative radio shows.
For full details of radio shows and times please visit the IC Radio group page.

Video's, Blogs, Forum and Photo's.

Thanks to so many KFM members we have a wide range of great information on the site. Do please familiarise yourself with the site as there really is something for everyone on many subjects from Law to health and everything in between.

On the other hand we would rather members stay on topic.
This means anything related to our threefold aims is most welcome.

We are not PC but certain things will not be tolerated. Racism in any form will be clamped down on straight away and any member deemed to be posting such material will be banned.
Also it would be naive to think we won't attract trolls. Their job is to try to bring about controversy that could lead us to being shut down. For that reason many members monitor the site and are quick to spot these obvious types. The fact you have to join and be approved helps keep these out. We are not paranoid we are vigilant. The integrity of the site is paramount.

We all love our family,friends and pets however the KFM is not the place to post them up. if every member put up just 4 photo's like that we would have one thousand photo's that don't relate to our aims. The same goes for posting up music video's we are not MTV we are KFM, so please think before posting up your favourite song.

Events and Monthly Meetings

I would like to extend the KFM's heartfelt thanks to all of our guest speakers who have given some amazing presentations for the KFM, not only that, they have done this at minimal cost thus allowing us to give these talks for free at the point of entry. The KFM is very grateful and humbled by you all.
These events are now very well attended and continue to increase awareness to our members and also give them a chance to meet in person some of the people who are at the forefront of the alternative community.

We have some great guest speakers lined up for the future, so watch this space.

Our next event will be a talk by Kevin Annett. We were due to have him do a presentation before but unfortunately he was deported by the State. Providing this does not happen again KFM members have a unique chance to see his presentation for us on 13th October 2011.See events page for full details.
All credit to Chris Moffett for all his endeavors behind the scenes to make this event possible.



Taking Action.

It is so important to get honest information out there. It's imperative we counter the lies and propaganda fed to the Public 24/7. The website and events are our first two aims and our third is engaging the Public and system peacefully.
With this in mind the KFM is producing a generic leaflet. We will put this up asap so members can simply print off copies and hand them out as they see fit.
We have also produced Tee Shirts that are a great way to spread awareness of the KFM and by extension our aims to inform as many people as possible to what is really going on. Thanks to KFM member Jez for putting up the money to make this possible, much appreciated.
We have also just printed 1000 cards that we shall be giving out to members at the Kevin Annett event. These are another way to always keep handy the website details to pass on to interested parties. These cards were designed and ordered and paid for initially (we'll pay you back honest ;-) by Mescalito aka Seth so again thanks pal, much appreciated.


The KFM is run on a ning network. We originally choose this because it was the best out there and it was free. However since last year they have started to charge for the website. The most cost effective and convenient way for us to pay is annually. They charge $241 a year for all the services we need to have a decent, user friendly website. In Pounds that works out at £154.75p. Our annual subscription is now due. The fairest way to pay is for all members to simply donate £1. This would pay for the site and leave us spare money to use for other things.
So if you can spare £1 please go to the site and use the donate button to pay via paypal.
Deborah Williams is the KFM treasurer and will take donation money for the site in person if you cannot pay through the site. Any queries regarding finance should be addressed through her.

KFM Members

lastly we would like to thank ALL the members for making the KFM come such a long way in such a short space of time. It's not a cliche but very true that the KFM is nothing without all the many members who have done so much work in many area's to get us where we are today.
The event's are real special nights that will live long in the memory and also it's been a privilege to meet and know so many wonderful people.

Please do support the upcoming Kevin Annett event as this will be another memorable night with insight into an area seldom discussed.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Kent Freedom Movement.  

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