Was good to meet some people last night.


The friend with me is an ex policeman who was at Tavistock Square, he's not a total believer yet but he has someinteresting stuff to say about the day.


Re the Movie, I find the narrator and narrative too amateurish and a bit dull, the content was great but a more enthusiastic speaker, less mono-tone, would get the message across better. His voice sends me to sleep and it badly needs editing, he must have said the number plate of the bus over 10 times , why? we got it first time.


So re edit it , add a better VO and it will get more noticed and be taken more seriously


good luck to all

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Hello all...

It was great to meet up with people who still like to exercise critical thought and have not given up this right!

Its also wonderful to see a group like this in Kent (Its been long over due!) studying all the angles other than the official version. We had a lovely warm welcome from everyone we met and really liked the venue too. As regards the film the research is flawless but I felt it was too long, and there were repetitions but when there is so much evidence to present where do you start to edit? 

                                                                                       Thanks for a great evening

                                                                                                                    Gary L'voe

What a nit picky review for the fantastic 7/7 Ripple Effect 2. An updated and extended version of the original 7/7 Ripple Effect.  The implications are monumental and all people should demand more, beginning with Peter Powers and on, all the way to the top to the wicked queen E2. That's the point.

Once the truth movement becomes "entertainment", we are all doomed to die as sad smiley clowns.

First and foremost when you have researched this subject as much as I have you can afford to state such facts!

And as for "nit picking" I don't know where your coming from??? The people I spoke to on the night ALL agreed it was too long, that doesn't make it bad, I am just being honest. I've never believed in being a sycophant and I'm not going to start now!

To think that it's ok to make such a flippant remark about the truth movement becoming "entertainment" is utterly ridiculous! Its a shame that you can't embrace other peoples points of view. 

if the message is portrayed poorly and amateurly, which it very much is, then the message will not get across.


most people I show ripple effect to want to switch off after a few minutes, due to his voice, the narration and the repeating.


Look at Loose Change, on the 3rd or 4th version, he changed the narrator and it took off.



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