Minutes of the Kent Freedom Movements meeting September 2011

Hi all

First of all I would like to say a special thank you to Nick Kollerstrom for coming along and doing a talk for us at the KFM at very short notice.

Eddie Boyce chaired the meeting and begun by welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming along.He apologised for the short notice of the meeting and how we had been having problems confirming guest speakers.

Deborah explained that firstly we had booked a talk with Kevin Annett on the 22nd September, and was later told that he could not make that date. We then sought to get Bill Maloney, but he couldn't do September.We then had someone recommend we have a guy called Michael Tellinger from South Africa do a talk for us when he comes over, but he decided that he couldn't make it over here.Then we asked a guy we met in Leeds when we went up to Tony Farrells tribunal who was doing a talk about 9/11. But we couldn't confirm with him, so we decided to have a meeting anyway and asked Nick to do a short talk for us to which he kindly agreed.

Eddie  then introduced author Nick Kollerstrom

Nick basically gave a an overview of the Tony Farrell tribunal which a few KFM members went to in Sheffield.Apparently Tony lost his appeal, but may go and try again.Rory Ridley Duff, a professor at Sheffield university has set up a petition for Tony to get his job back with South Yorrkshire police (see blogs on here about further details of his case)the link to the petition is on the front page of the website.

Nick also went on to tell us about a conspiracy debunking conference he went to in London at the Conway Hall in Holborn.The main premise of this conference was that conspiracies are immune to verification( where is the verification of the official 9/11 and 7/7 fairytale?)

Anyway the main guy dropped out of the conference and people in the audience were calling for Ian Crane to step in. Fortunately Ian was there and stepped up to the plate as it were and sat between two demos guys.Well Ian Crane apparently wiped the floor with them and the crowd, who were mainly students were very interested in what he had to say.

Tony Farrell was also there and stood up and explained who he was and what had happened to him.

Nick Kollerstrom and online journalist as well as a KFM member Kevin Boyle gave out around 200 leaflets on the Tony Farrell case plus info on 7/7 and 9/11 which had the KFM website on, which is great news.

Nick said that there is nobody in public that wants to debate with us!

Tony Farrell told his superiors that the peoples trust in the police will totally break down.

Shortly after we had the riots

Nick Kollerstrom went on to talk a little bit about the riots
How Mark Duggan  was dragged out of the mini cab he was in and was then shot twice by police,one in the shoulder and one in the head.The police say that Duggan put a bullet in their car radio, but it was later confirmed that it was a police bullet and Duggan wasn't even holding a gun, but had one hidden in his sock. So Nick said that this must have been prepared beforehand. People from the local area gathered outside the police station, asking questions about what really happened, but the police left their questions unanswered for 5 hours.A young 16 yr old girl was brave enough to go up and ask why they shot Mark Duggan and she was whacked on the back of her leg by a policeman with his baton. It was this incident along with Duggan being shot that sparked off the London riots.

Most people in the room felt that the police started and manipulated the riots, but from whose authority???

There was involvement by a police team called Trident (nicknamed black on black Trident)
More info about this team on the link below

Jez started talking about the need to be ready and prepared for the economic crash that is imminent.

Eddie said yes that is very important, everybody needs to start stocking up on at least a months worth of food,if not thrree months.

Deborah talked about the need to store water as well and that a person can only go for a few days without water, and about purification.

Phil said he had an osmosis machine and people could go to him and get water.

Vince spoke about distiller machines that got rid of poinous metals like mercury.

Sand's partner Moonswift, mentioned that we should all look up wild foods and how to recognise them.

Jez said said he had a friend who took him out picking wild mushrooms, and also there are plenty of discarded apple trees about.

Deborah said that we should make an event of going out and identifying wild mushrooms etc.

Eddie spoke about finances, and the fact that although we hold the meetings for free, and we also realise that these are hard financial times, however if people do come could they possibly donate at least £3. He mentioned the fact that the website needs paying for as well soon, so can we all pull together and donate a £1 each, either in person or donate via the website.If this is not possible contact Deborah Williams who is the treasurer and she can arrange something with yourselves. We have 245 members and it shouldn't fall on just a few people to pay. chris Moffett offered to pay but Eddie said thanks for the offer but it should be up to all of us, we are all the KFM. He went on to say We should get to the stage where we have enough money to put guest speakers up and pay their expenses.

Eddie asked if anyone had any ideas about further speakers.

Jeff said that David Pidcock knew some very important people.

Vince mentioned that we should have a newsletter, much like the one the tpuc have, so people could hand it out on their travels.

Eddie said that he is in the process of getting one of our members to put up a generic leaflet he has complied onto a pdf format and put it on the website so members can print it off.
Eddie also mentioned that he will be doing a newsletter and would send it off to all members asap.

Vince bought up the idea of a few people from the group getting together a library study group. He says he has access to Greenwich university library and they could read the law books there.


After the break Nick Kollerstrom spoke about what happened in Norway on the 22nd July
Nick said it was the same date as the King David Hotel bombing in Palestine, where 91 Britain's were killed.
Breivik so-called pro Zionist, fighting against enemies
Norway labour party had passed resolutions on this matter, just a day or two before the Norway incident.
We are supposed to believe a lone nut blew up a government buildings in Central Oslo, leaving debris over half a kilometer, then rushed over to an Island 90 kilometers away and singlehandedly shot down over 70 people.
Witnesses said they saw two people and other witnesses said the shots were being fired from two different directions.
There was a terror drill beforehand. Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near Oslo opera house, just 48hrs before a terrorist blast. False flag attacks are usually preceded by training exercises
Terror drill stops at 3pm
Bomb went off at 3.30pm in government building where prime minister has an office.Breivik supposedly had driven a white van there, set off bomb, then drove to the Island - Funny, no sign of car or crater.Could it be a new technology they used (Tesla, DEW?)
Building in flames 6th floor- people question why there is no crater. Five to six days later a crater suddenly appears, but in a different place.
There was a dodgy picture of a man in black looking like something out of star wars with a gun. A witness testifies to seeing this guy, he had a visor on so you couldn't see his face ( why wasn't he stopped by the police?) perhaps he was part of the training exercise from earlier.
Breivik supposedly walks across car park, then drives off to the Island.The only real sight of him was when he was on the ferry.
Another weird thing was that the kids were sent a message
'There's been an explosion,don't panic, the police are coming to protect you.'

Parents of the kids were receiving harrowing messages from their children saying that they are being shot at.The parents contacted the police, so why did it take the police 90 minutes to get there?
Subversion of the Norway police?There seemed to be a stand down of twenty search and rescue counter terrorism helicopters and so the police get to the Island and there were no boats 'oh no, what are we going to do?' they eventually found a leaky dingy.
In fact the media helicopter got there before the police arrived.
When it was all over Breivik came quietly when the policed called him, much like Mark Chapman or David Hickley before him.
Breivik's fb page was changed while he was in custody, who did that?

Eddie thanked Nick for his talk and everyone applauded Nick


Very enjoyable and most entertaining Nick Bravo!!

The meeting was wrapped up with a reminder about our forthcoming talk by Kevin Annett on the 13th October, and Eddie said he looked forward to seeing everyone there and thanks for coming this evening.


A great evening was had by all.





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Thanks for taking the time to put that and the newsletter up. Important all members are kept up to speed with what's happening regarding the KFM.

Thank you, was my great pleasure darling X

It was a great night, Nick was at his best, and kept everyone interested and amused.

Thanks to everyone that turned up and made the meeting a success.

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