All the World is being poisoned on a daily basis

So you can see that chem trails contain aluminium ( as well as our crockery, forks, knives, spoons, tinned food and drinks, even  toothpaste contains aluminium) that increases  iron in the blood. 
Fluoride increases your proteins, which sits on your nerves in brain and they transmute into protein tangles and plugs on your  brain nerves and causes alzheimer's. Of course Alzheimer's  will deteriorate in to dementia, dementia on its own is caused by fluoride as well, and in this case your Pineal glan in affected.
On a daily basis I see people dying of those so called Diseases, they are not dying of old age, they are dying from being poisoned, like the rest of us.
Government first introduced fluoride into water supplies in 70's, fluoride was meant to increase the protein in your teeth to make them healthier and stronger, but worked the other way around, it makes you weaker, ill, always tired, and eventually will kill you.
you can do heavy metal detox on you own at home, the best veg are cauliflower, broccoli, greens, carrots, and as well you can get yourself some  Psylium, just add 2-3 spoons into drink 2x a day, drink it and it will help you to detox and also help you get rid-off of rubbish stuck inside of your intestines and of course spirulina and wheetgrass. 

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