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A miracle in a bottle

The History behind Miracle II      Special Thanks to Margie Clarke  :-)   The Surfactant Challenge   NOTICE: The FDA has not approved the M…

Started by Deborah WilliamsLatest Reply

Bank Charges Not Allowed on Certain Benefits!

Section 187 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 There is an Act of Parliament which over-rides banks taking charges from your ac…

Started by DiogeneseLatest Reply

The Kent Freedom Newsletter No:1 October 2011

Hello all members Welcome to the first Kent Freedom Movement newsletter. The idea is to periodically keep members appraised with all thi…

Started by Deborah WilliamsLatest Reply

Discussions Replies Latest Activity

Will we really have a constitutional debate at the heart of politics ? What about Kent Police issues ? The country should face up to the fact that there…

Started by Richard Card

0 Sep 19

Statutory Duties to Report under Terrorism Act 2000 Thanet District Council seeks legal advice

Yesterday I wrote to Baroness O'Loan of the Daniel Morgan Decd case review. I included a copy of a latter I sent to Home Secretary Theresa…

Started by Richard Card

0 Sep 16

council tax means summons

I have just received a means enquiry summons. This is for unpaid council tax dating back to 2011. I have been paying what I can afford when…

Started by stuart

0 Sep 15

Something in the Water ??

Recent headlines were about Thanet having the highest cancer death rates.

Started by Richard Card

0 Sep 10

Can I sue the police through county court

Hi all. I'm after advice on whether it would be possible to sue Thames valley police through county court. I would be looking at negligence…

Started by Martin piper

5 Sep 6
Reply by Richard Card

Mandatory Common Law Informations of Treason Laid in Kent

Since these become a public challenge (Oyez and terminer) under inquisitorial rules of evidence (if my advice is correct) I will try to att…

Started by Richard Card

1 Sep 5
Reply by Richard Card

DVLA failure to notify

Hi I got to goto court and the end of the month for the above has anyone got any advise they can give me or had any dealings with the above…

Started by Chossy

2 Sep 5
Reply by Chossy

Refusal of breathliser in Scotland

Hi I'm here in Scotland, been living in Scotland for a year. I have very bad asthma and couldn't breathe into a breathliser til the end res…

Started by Tracy flynn

3 Aug 10
Reply by Deborah Williams

Equita Bailiffs

A heads up for people regarding Equita Bailiffs. They seem to be abusing the new regulations whereby the Compliance Stage costing £75 gives…

Started by Sue Turnball

0 Jul 21

Council making my son homeless.

Hello all, My son moved into private rented accommodation in july this year, he had a decent job and was paying his rent. He was made redun…

Started by beevee

6 Jul 21
Reply by Sue Turnball


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